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The 29er is a two-person high performance sailing skiff designed by Julian Bethwaite and first produced in 1998. Derived from the Olympic class 49er class, it is raced in the World Sailing Youth Sailing World Championships. The 29er is able to reach high speeds fairly quickly by having a sleek and hydrodynamic hull and will often exceed the wind speed when planing both up and downwind.

The 29er has two sailors, one on trapeze. The rig features a fractional asymmetric spinnaker; a self-tacking jib decreases the work load of the crew, making manoeuvres more efficient and freeing the crew to take the mainsheet upwind and on two-sail reaches. The spinnaker rigging set-up challenges crews to be fit and coordinated, and maneuvers in the boat require athleticism due to its lack of inherent stability and the high speed with which the fully battened mainsail and jib power up.

  • Cabrinha - Kite and Wing Surfing for Sailors - Transfer Skills

    Episode 1

    With the Olympics only a month away, Cabrinha takes a look at how kitesurfing and wingsurfing is helping US Olympic sailing hopefuls with their training and how foiling has helped hone skillsets vital for success. (CC Available)

    Video Producer: Cabrinha