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49er / 49erFX

49er / 49erFX

8 Seasons

The 49er and 49er FX is a two-handed skiff-type high-performance sailing dinghy. The two crew work on different roles with the helm making many tactical decisions, as well as steering, and the crew doing most of the sail control. Both of the crew are equipped with their own trapeze and sailing is handled while “flying”.

The 49er was designed by Julian Bethwaite, the son of Frank Bethwaite, designer of the Tasar and the popular Laser 2 classes. The boat was selected by the International Sailing Federation after a series of trials for a high performance two person skiff and has been in every Olympics since its debut in Sydney Olympics of 2000.

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49er / 49erFX
  • 2012 Sekio 49er Euro Champs Long Distance Race

    Episode 1

    On the first day of the 2012 49er European Championship the 49er class raced a long distance race with the entire fleet. In beautiful Lake Garda, nearly 70 49ers battled their way up and down the race in spectacular conditions.

    Video Producer: 49er Sailing

  • 2012 Seiko 49er Euro Champs Grand Finale

    Episode 2

    Grand Finale from the Seiko European Championships 2012. Theatre Style Racing with an elimination format reaches a peak in a single, winner takes all, final race. The 4 top teams from the week face off with everything on the line!

    Video Producer: 49er Sailing