Big Air

Big Air

7 Seasons

Kitesurfers reach for the skies with the sole aim to get as much height as they can...

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Big Air
  • KEVVLOG - Kite Stress

    Episode 1

    You know that feeling when you want to go out really bad and you can't wait... That's when you start to forget things... It's called kite stress. And yes even Kevin still has it almost every day. He just gets so excited, it just never goes away.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • KEVVLOG - Downs and ups

    Episode 2

    Red Bull King of the Air Heat 1 didn't go too well for Kevin... The wind dropped in his heat and he was struggling to get some decent hight. He was glad that to get a second chance in round 2. And that heat went according to plan! Special thanks to Jalou Langeree for filming.

    Video Producer: ...

  • Nick Jacobsen sets Tow Up World Record

    Episode 3

    Nick flew his kite 277 meters (908.8 feet) high in the sky with the help of Team Brunel, a sailing team who competes in the Volvo Ocean Race.

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • KEVLOG - It's been windy..

    Episode 4

    The start of the season at Kevin's home in the Netherlands wasn't that great but now the wind seems to be back. He had an other great session in Noordwijk together with Gijs Wassenaar.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • Into The Wilderness

    Episode 5

    In this North Team Episode, follow them into the wilderness of New Zealand. Rain drenched storms present challenges, but once they hit the water it’s showtime.

    Video Producer: North Kiteboarding

  • KEVLOG - This Was A Crazy Session - Part One

    Episode 6

    Kevin saw some strong wind on the forecast so he called his friend, top international kitesurfer, Nick Jacobsen. He jumped on a plane and went for a ride for the day! This is only part one of their crazy adventure in Holland.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • KEVLOG - This Was A Crazy Session - Part Two

    Episode 7

    There was so much footage of the fun session Kevin had when Nick Jacobsen came to Holland for just one day. So he had to make Part Duex!

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • Bridge Between Generations

    Episode 8

    Exclusive Documentary - spent a rare day off with the Bridge family in Exmouth who are the ultimate 'Kite Family'.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • KEVLOG - King Of The Air 2018

    Episode 9

    Kevin Langeree - Red Bull King Of The Air 2018 - the ultimate wrap up from his amazing time in Cape Town.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • Cape Town - Huge Jumps On Day One

    Episode 10

    The wind has been on fire ever since Kev arrived in Cape Town. Big air sessions and more to come for the reigning King of the Air 2018.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • Cape Town - Jumping Over BIG Waves

    Episode 11

    Big waves, wind and some friends. What better ingredients can you ask for in a session. Kev went to Misty Cliffs in search for some massive ramps and he definitely found them.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • Cape Town - Jumped As Much As You Can

    Episode 12

    Being in the air just never gets boring for Kev so when he finally found some wind he tried to jump until he dropped!

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree