Decision 35 (D35)

Decision 35 (D35)

2 Seasons

When the first D35s were launched in 2004, an annual circuit was created. The Julius Baer Challenge combined the classic Lake Geneva regattas – including the Bol d’Or – with several Grand Prix events exclusive to the D35 class.

Then called the Vulcain Trophy until 2014, the championship is from 2015 known as the D35 Trophy. As well as the Bol d’Or – the classic end-to-end race on Lake Geneva – it includes the famous Genève-Rolle-Genève, and six Grands Prix. With points awarded for each event, competition for first place on the championship podium is often fierce.

The design of the D35 is an evolution of Sebastien Schmidt’s previous work, the 40ft Alinghi catamaran Le Black, with a central pod used to tie the structure together and withstand the stresses from the platform and rig. The structure is light, which – when coupled with a wing mast that can be rotated up to 45 degrees and a maximum of 230m² sailplan – means that the boat can hit top speeds of some 27 knots.

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Decision 35 (D35)
  • D35 Trophy - GP BMW Emil Frey 2017

    Episode 1

    The D35 Trophy Grand Prix circuit has been held on Lake Geneva, Switzerland since 2004 raced on the Decision 35 multihull with many of the 'rock stars' of yachting taking part including, Russell Coutts, Alain Gautier, Franck Cammas and Paul Cayard. The first regatta of the new season was held on ...

  • D35 Trophy - GP Realstone de Versoix 2017

    Episode 2

    The D35 Trophy moved to the Club Nautique de Versoix during 9 - 11 June 2017 for the third round of the circuit. Once again Alinghi took the win closely followed by Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier and Swisscom.

    Video Producer: CineMargot

  • D35 Trophy - GP Alinghi de Crans-près-Céligny 2017

    Episode 3

    The penultimate round of the D35 Trophy was hosted by Club Nautique de Crans on Lake Geneva during 8 - 10 September. It wasn't all Alinghi this time, with Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier achieving the same points overall but loosing out on discards by one point.

    Video Producer: CineMargot

  • D35 Trophy - GP de Clôture Société Nautique de Genève 2017

    Episode 4

    The final Grand Prix of the D35 Trophy was held on 22 - 23 September 2017 hosted by Societe Nautique de Geneve. Ernesto Bertarelli's Alinghi (SUI 1) took a decisive victory with five wins out of six races securing the overall 2017 D35 Trophy.

    Video Producer: CineMargot