4 Seasons

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  • Helsinki Womens Match - Day One Highlights

    Episode 1

    The sun is out in Helsinki with tight matches all round. Liz Baylis, Series Manager, brings us up to date with the racing news. Camilla Ulrikkeholm (DEN) has a clean sweep undefeated for the day.

    Video Producer: WIM Racing Series

  • Helsinki Womens Match - Day Two Highlights

    Episode 2

    Day Two and Stage 1 - Round Robin of the WIM Racing Series in Helsinki, Finland. Teams competing from, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, France, Finland and Ireland compete for their place in the semi-finals.

    Video Producer: WIM Racing Series

  • Helsinki Womens Match - Day Three Highlights

    Episode 3

    Pauline Courtois (FRA) secures her first semi-final in the WIM Series after the third day of sailing here in Helsinki alongside Camilla Ulrikkeholm(DEN), Anna Ostling (SWE) and Renee Groenveld (NED).

    Video Producer: WIM Racing Series

  • Helsinki Sauna Challenge - WIM Series

    Episode 4

    The Womens International Match Racing Series competitors have the ultimate challenge - the classic Finnish sauna. Just shows you all that it isn't all fun at these regattas!

    Video Producer: WIM Racing Series

  • Helsinki Womens Match - Semi Finals

    Episode 5

    Semi Finals at the Womens International Match Racing in Helsinki, Finland. Light winds for the final four teams with Pauline Courtois (FRA) vs Renee Groenveld (NED) and Anna Ostling (SWE) vs Camilla Ulrikkeholm (DEN) battle it out for the crucial last two places.

    Video Producer: WIM Racing Se...

  • Helsinki Womens Match - Final Day Highlights

    Episode 6

    Final Day with Liz Baylis (WIM Series Manager) and Peik Astrom (Event Manager) giving you the low down on the events on the Helsinki waterfront. Team Anna (SWE) took at decisive win over Team Courtois (FRA) so congratulations go to Anna Ostling, Malin Kallstrom Fd Hulten, Marie Berg and Annika Ca...