Flying Mantis

Flying Mantis

2 Episodes

The FLYING MANTIS is two beautifully designed performance boats in one. It can be switched between a semi-foiling displacement trimaran and a full-foiling version depending on a sailor’s skill and sailing conditions.

Key specs:

Main hull – length 4.2m (LWL), beam 0.5m
Outrigger – length 2.5m, beam 0.14m
Overall beam 2.4m
Combined hull weight c.45kg
Lifting T foil rudder
Semi-foiling version – central dagger board
Foiling version – dagger board plus interchangeable lifting central T foil adjusted by wand control from a bowsprit
Sails – Main 9 sqm, Jib 2.3 sqm

The Flying Mantis boasts a lightweight carbon epoxy foam sandwich construction. The hulls are quick and simple to assemble. The central hull weighs around 20kg plus outriggers at 12.5kg. Fully assembled, this lightweight trimaran is especially suited to taller & heavier sailors, with a weight range of up to 120kgs.

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Flying Mantis
  • Foiling Week Garda 2019 - The Flying Mantas

    Episode 1

    Foiling Week 2019 in Malcesine and the focus is about the Flying Mantas in this episode. Chris Museler has a close look at the flying trimaran, one of the Foiling Week 2019 Exhibitors.

    Video Producer: Horue Video Production

  • Foiling Week Garda 2019 - Highlights

    Episode 2

    Round up of all of the action both on and off the water at the Foiling Week 2019 in Malcesine.

    Video Producer: Horue Video Production