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Stand Up Paddling didn't want to be left out on the foiling experience - hydrofoil or foil board lifts out of the water and allows you to glide at higher speeds. Laird Hamilton, surfing legend, was instrumental in the start of flying over the water on a board.

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  • What Is Foiling Week?

    Episode 1

    Foiling Week is not just racing but over 180 boats entered Garda 2018 but they also have the Foiling Exhibition, where 15 new to market boats has been launched. Trials, coaching, Learning to Fly, and a Forum - looks like foiling is here to stay.

    Video Producer: Horue Video Production

  • How To Surf Foil with Sky Solbach

    Episode 2

    Learn how to get started with Surf Foiling safely and quick! Foiling opens up your surfing horizon – undesirable waves become your playground! Fanatic shaper Sky Solbach explains the steps for quick success when starting foiling: the equipment, safety, stance, riding techniques, what to avoid and...