4 Seasons

Stand Up Paddling didn't want to be left out on the foiling experience - hydrofoil or foil board lifts out of the water and allows you to glide at higher speeds. Laird Hamilton, surfing legend, was instrumental in the start of flying over the water on a board.

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  • Sessions with Moona - Episode Thirty Five

    Episode 1

    "Wingmash' in the sunny skies and blue waters of Oahu with Moona - is this paradise?

    Video Producer: Cabrinha

  • Fanatic Wing Foiling Highlights

    Episode 2

    Wing Foiling is the hot new thing, whoever tries it gets hooked. So is the Fanatic team! If it’s Klaas Voget and Henning Nockel on the North and Baltic Sea, in Cape Town or at Lake Garda, Olivia Jenkins, Bobo Gallagher, Sky Solbach, Adam Lewis on Maui or Jaime Herraiz in Tarifa – they all love it...