6 Seasons

Freeride is just what is says - riding up and down being free on the water with the wind powering your board for fun and banging in a few gybes.

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  • Fanatic Freeride 2017 - Your Ticket to Ride

    Episode 1

    Fanatic International Team go for some freeride action with their brand new Blast and Gecko. Watch now to get your ticket to ride!

    Video Producer: Fanatic International

  • JP 2017 Windsurf Action

    Episode 2

    Action at the JP-Australia photo shoot on Maui! The JP team riders rip and it is obvious that the riders really enjoy the new 2017 boards! On top of that, Jason Polakow recaps his situation in the sport - a short philosophical contemplation.

    Video Producer: JP Australia

  • Fanatic Boardriding Showcase 2017

    Episode 3

    Fanatic is more than an addiction to ride. It is a way of life, an adventure, each member of our Fanatic family brings their passion to the table. Take a look at their showcase boardriding video for 2017.

    Video Producer: Fanatic International

  • Amazing Kite Throw On A Foil

    Episode 4

    Keahi De Aboitiz has many talents. And as waves get flat on the North Shore he gets creative...

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • Freedom To Ride - Fanatic International Freeriding Wrap Up

    Episode 5

    As soon as the wind is moving the trees, the fields and the clouds, we get this inner drive to be out there. Even for the Fanatic International World Cup riders windsurfing is not just all about the biggest wave, the fastest speed run or the craziest freestyle move. Watch the team cruising throug...