9 Seasons

Freestyle is all about individuality and pushing the boundaries of what can be done showcasing your skills with the kite and board or feet..

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  • NP Surf Ambassador Profile - Keahi de Aboitiz

    Episode 1

    NP Surf's ambassador profile featuring KSP World Champion and SUP star Keahi de Aboitiz. All footage was filmed during the NP photo shoot in Cape Town by Jason Hearn and Keahi de Aboitiz.

    Video Producer: NP Surf

  • NP Surf Ambassador Profile - Susi Mai

    Episode 2

    NP Surf's ambassador profile featuring kitesurfing star Susi Mai. All footage was filmed during the NP photo shoot in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Video Producer: NP Surf

  • NP Surf Ambassador Profile - Alberto Rondina

    Episode 3

    Alby Rondina taking some time out during the Pro Kite Brazil 2013.

    Video Producer: NP Surf & Cabrinha

  • Annabel Van Westerop - The Cabrinha Siren Collection

    Episode 4

    Cabrinha's mission is to inspire women to follow their own path and find a different perspective from the standard offering. Genuine, bold and passionate, Cabrinha's Siren collection lets you express yourself while on the water. Location: Brazil

    Video Producer: Tobias Holter (Cabrinha Kitesur...

  • Meet The Bridge Family

    Episode 5

    Northkiteboarding introduces us to the Bridge family - from starting sailing in Cadets to World Champs in Kiteboarding Course Racing - and the three boys have just started to collect their own titles. Maybe the ultimate watersports family..

    Video Producer: Team Bridge & Northkiteboarding

  • First Up First Down - Steph and Olly Bridge

    Episode 6

    In January 2014, four times World Kite Racing Champion Steph Bridge travelled to the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, to take on the full force of the North Atlantic Ocean with her World Champion son, Olly.

    Video Producer: Team Bridge & Volvo Car UK

  • Team Bridge - Summer Sessions 2015

    Episode 7

    Team Bridge - Summer in Exmouth 2015

    Video Producer: Olly Bridge & Volvo Car UK

  • The Arctic Kitesurfing Challenge

    Episode 8

    This three week expedition took, Geza Scholtz the expedition leader, his brother Andre Scholtz a former backgammon world champion, camera men David Schildknecht, Bastian Meier a northern lights expert, and photographer Richard Flindall to the worlds biggest ice slider park. The gang met up and tr...

  • Keahi de Aboitiz - 2015 Kitesurfing World Champion

    Episode 9

    Keahi de Aboitiz - 2015 Kitesurfing World Champion - say no more! Take a look at some of the wild action from Keahi last year..

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • Red Bull King of the Air Qualifying

    Episode 10

    Gunnar last year really wanted to take part in the 2015 King of the Air competition in South Africa, but after waiting four weeks, there still wasn't a decent storm on Fuerteventura. Very untypical.

    But the deadline for submitting video to Red Bull was coming up soon, so he had to make somethi...