9 Seasons

Freestyle is all about individuality and pushing the boundaries of what can be done showcasing your skills with the kite and board or feet..

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  • NP Surf 2016 - Whatever Your Ride

    Episode 1

    Waterborne, technical and functional performance gear. Developed to enhance the performance and appearance of an increasingly thirsty breed of explorers and adventurers, like you, who are not just looking to push the boundaries, but to blur them as well. Whatever your ride, wherever you're riding...

  • Cabrinha Kitesurf Collection 2016

    Episode 2

    The 2016 Cabrinha Surf Collection - features the Drifter kite with the Phenom, Proto and Secret Weapon boards.

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kiitesurfing

  • Disguise The Limit - Cabrinha Film

    Episode 3

    Wrapped around the idea that limits are nothing more than lines drawn in the sand, begging to be erased, Cabrinha Films brings you the best kiting footage from Maui to Morroco and the shores of Tarifa featuring their new 2016 gear. Starring many of the Cabrinha Team including Pete Cabrinha, Keahi...

  • Game of English Thrones - Cabrinha Film

    Episode 4

    Take a journey to England, home turf of the English language and James Boulding who shows Alberto Rondina and Anders Kruger where his kiteboarding adventures began. From tiny villages with stone floored country pubs, to castles and cathedrals, the aura of deep-rooted history emanates from every c...

  • The Road Down Under - Cabrinha Film

    Episode 5

    An FX journey starring James Boulding, Liam Whaley, Alec Sheather, Luke Smith and Dan Sweeny in their latest adventure on a coast to coast trip in Australia. With their new FX kites they travel from beach to beach spreading joy to all who dare to try this kite. From mega kitelooping to extreme fr...

  • Fly Me To The Moon - Starring Nick Jacobsen

    Episode 6

    Nick Jacobsen stars in this crazy kiteboarding film. Born in Denmark and groomed for kiting on South Africa he stays true to his roots in this 13 minute film that takes you on an adventure of epic proportions. On his journey to the moon he must survive meteors and surf like a dolphin!!

    Film P...

  • The Island - Cabrinha Film

    Episode 7

    Travelling the world to kiteboard you visit many beautiful destinations. Join James Boulding on a journey of discovery to a new kiteboarding destination. A small island situated in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras just might be kiteboarding paradise.

    Film Producer: James Boulding

  • Value Of Nowhere - Cabrinha Film

    Episode 8

    In this film, three of the biggest names in kitesurfing, Pete Cabrinha, Reo Stevens and Keahi De Aboitiz head to beautiful French Polynesia. Joining the crew aboard the Discovery, a Lagoon 570 catamaran, they set out to explore what kind of value one can place on being far from the rigors of soci...

  • Reo Stevens - How to Shove it 360

    Episode 9

    Reo Stevens takes you through the steps of performing a Shove-it 360.

    Film Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • The Beat - Episode 5 Wherever the Wind Takes You

    Episode 10

    Katy Nastro takes you off the traditional sailing path from Martha's Vineyard in this episode of "The Beat". Katy takes a lesson in Kiteboarding with Rob Douglas, one of the fastest sailors in the world. And it's all about fun and games, as Katy get wet and wild with the kids from the Vineyard Ha...

  • The Keller Whale Flashback

    Episode 11

    Looking back on a fun year filming so many different things under the sun, I had a chance to edit some unused clips from last summer. Filmed during Real Watersports' Triple S Invitational, here is a quick flash back to a light wind media day at the begining of the event. Cape Hatteras is an amazi...

  • Airton and Gollito - Watermen In Arms

    Episode 12

    Airton Cozzolino and Gollito Estredo have lots in common. Both are multi-talented, both are skilled at a number of watersports, both are World Champions and both were escaping the poverty of their hometowns, by following their dreams of success. Gollito, the fisherman´s son from El Yaque, is the ...

  • Just A Dream with Olly Bridge

    Episode 13

    Olly Bridge is pushing the limits of all aspects of kitesurfing - filmed at Woodman's Point Western Australia, the best kiting playground in the world.

    Video Producer: Wind Kristensson and Mark Hampton with drone footage by Qmodo

  • THE FX MAN - a kiteboarding short film

    Episode 14

    Due to climate changes, Earth is facing a terrifying future. Help from another Universe is on it’s way to Earth to empower a man with special skills, and turn him into a super hero. Get ready for this action packed short kiteboarding film and see if The FX Man can defeat the ancient giant monster...

  • Solitude

    Episode 15

    People always ask me why I choose to live on Fuerteventura. Check out this video and you will see why! There are a few days a year where the wind is so light that no one else tries to get on the water at Flag Beach. I really enjoy these days on my Foilboard. I have our beautiful spot all to mysel...

  • CHRONOlogy - Freeride Paradise

    Episode 16

    Flag Beach on Fuerteventura is a great place to have a free ride session. It was a great Winter season with lots of different wind conditions to put the Ozone 15m Chrono V2 though its paces boosting the heck out of it no matter what the wind was doing. From 10 Knots to 25 knots it delivers fun an...

  • The Foiling Basics - Foiling Tack

    Episode 17

    How to do a foiling tack on a hydrofoil board by Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch. Filmed by Doris Klemm.

    Video Producer: Gunnar Biniasch Productions

  • The Foiling Basics - Foiling Gybe

    Episode 18

    How to do a foiling gybe on a hydrofoil board by Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch. Filmed by Doris Klemm.

    Video Producer: Gunnar Biniasch Productions

  • The Foiling Basics - Body Dragging

    Episode 19

    Ever wonder what the easiest way is to get off the beach with your foil in light onshore winds? Here is your answer. Use the foil like a fin and easily body drag upwind until you get to deep water. Filmed by Doris Klemm.

    Video Producer: Gunnar Biniasch Productions

  • The Foiling Basics - Touch Down Gybe

    Episode 20

    The touch down gybe is the first step towards learning a foiling gybe. This is how you do it - Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch. Filmed by Doris Klemm.

    Video Producer: Gunnar Biniasch Productions

  • Niels Ippen - Wipeout of the day

    Episode 21

    Even the best have a bad day!

    Video Producer: Gunnar Biniasch Productions

  • How To Balls Up a Mobe Properly

    Episode 22

    This is what it looks like at 240 Frames Per Second when you balls up the take off on a mobe and still try to save it!

    Video Producer: Gunnar Biniasch Productions

  • Rolling In Paradise

    Episode 23

    The North Kiteboarding Team riders take to the stunning islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines by catamaran. Epic riding, turquoise waters, warm winds and beautiful scenery all provided the ultimate backdrop for us to get creative, and we're excited to finally share 'Rolling in Paradise.'


  • North Kiteboarding - Adventure Awaits

    Episode 24

    Watch as the North Kiteboarding team starts their journey on the popular Mauritius, afterwards taking a trip to the blissfully isolated island of Rodrigues. With 20knts of wind all day everyday, the riders were stoked to shred.

    Video Producer: North Kiteboarding