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7 Seasons

Freestyle is all about individuality and pushing the boundaries of what can be done showcasing your skills with the kite and board or feet..

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  • KEVLOG - This Was A Crazy Session - Part Two

    Episode 1

    There was so much footage of the fun session Kevin had when Nick Jacobsen came to Holland for just one day. So he had to make Part Duex!

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • KEVLOG - Surf and Turf

    Episode 2

    Nick Jacobsen and Kevin Langeree went to explore the Dutch fields. Not a typical kite spot but it sure was a lot of fun riding and dodging the cows! Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • KEVLOG - I Had Pizza Whilst Kitesurfing

    Episode 3

    He's back on Achill Island in Ireland for the Battle for the Lake organized by Pure Magic! This place is just magic, the crowd, the conditions, wow - Kev can't wait for next years event.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • Sessions with Moona - Episode Eight

    Episode 4

    Triple Kitesurf World Champion Moona Whyte is out in Fiji enjoying the stunning sun and surf. Follow along the series as Moona masters the surf and travels the globe in search of perfect waves, good times & adventure.

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • Bridge Between Generations

    Episode 5

    Exclusive Documentary - spent a rare day off with the Bridge family in Exmouth who are the ultimate 'Kite Family'.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • Summer in Hood River - Annelous Lammerts

    Episode 6

    Top freestyler, Annelous Lammerts, combined freestyle and park riding this summer in Hood River, USA.

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • Sessions with Moona - Episode Nine

    Episode 7

    Triple Kitesurf World Champion Moona Whyte is out in the Dominican Republic with her all girls kite camp. Cabarete is a resort town on the northern coast and is well known for it's surf breaks.

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • Prince Edward Island - A Kiteboarding Discovery

    Episode 8

    Lucas Arsenault, Canadian freestyle champion has lived on PEI his entire life. Perfecting his trade throughout the years at his local spots it wasn't until he was joined by Cabrinha's youngest team riders that he unlocked the full potential of an island rich with kiteboarding possibility.


  • FREEstyle - Defining Individuality

    Episode 9

    FREESTYLE: Adjective - Denoting a version of a sport in which there are few restrictions on the moves or techniques that competitors employ. Cabrinha's finest up and coming freestyle riders in the flat water heaven of ProKite Alby Rondina, Sicily. Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • Two Days In Turkey

    Episode 10

    After the world kite championships in Akyaka Jerome Cloetens stayed there a couple more days to film with his turkish friend Caglar. The landscape over there is from another planet - the kitespot is between two mountains, kinda looks like a magic valley.

    Video Producer: ION

  • Sessions with Moona - Episode Ten

    Episode 11

    Triple Kitesurf World Champion Moona Whyte gives us an insight into her injury. With lots of travel to come in 2019, we wish Moona a quick recovery.

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • Kitesurfing at the North Cape!

    Episode 12

    Two hours of sun light a day, ice cold Barents Sea, super gusty wind and all the local fisherman telling Kevin not to go out... But thanks to the amazing team around me we found a spot to go in the water safely and kitesurf at the North Cape.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree/ Raw Inc

  • 35 Knots and Cold Hands

    Episode 13

    Kevin's back home in Holland for just a couple of days before heading up further north for a crazy adventure. Practice time for the North Cape!

    Video Producer: Kevin Langree

  • Sessions with Moona - Episode Eleven

    Episode 14

    Triple Kitesurf World Champion Moona Whyte is on the water after her injury, Moona looks back to her sessions around the world in 2018.

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing