9 Seasons

Freestyle is all about individuality and pushing the boundaries of what can be done showcasing your skills with the kite and board or feet..

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  • KEVVLOG - Hitting 98kmh During A Kiteloop

    Episode 1

    Kevin's enjoying the Cape Town coast and picking up some big loops...

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • KEVVLOG - Big Warm Up Session

    Episode 2

    Kevin's preparing for the King Of The Air in Cape Town and good conditions for a warm up. He's looking good and fingers crossed for the wind gods to send him some insanely strong wind to run the contest.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • KEVVLOG - Big Day One - King Of The Air

    Episode 3

    Great start for Kevin on Day One at the RedBull King of the Air 2019. It started off with really strong conditions and he was feeling great and won two of his heats so straight into the semi finals. Looking good to finish the event with a BANG!

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • KEVVLOG - Winning The King Of The Air

    Episode 4

    Wow what an event it has been again! Like every year the King of the Air only happens ones a year and this year Kevin had to defend his title. Looks like all the hard training paid off again this year and managed to win the King of the Air back to back!

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • Ancient Tides - A Cabrinha Egypt Film

    Episode 5

    Documentary about kiteboarding in Egypt, taking you to the bright blue lagoons of the Red Sea with some of the best kite conditions in the world. Subtitles.

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • Annelous and Alex Rock the Kite Mansion Park

    Episode 6

    Alex Maes and Annelous Lammerts shred their self built kite park in Icapui, Brazil. Not content with just shredding their park, they also organised the final stop of the KPL there, where Annelous took the win. These youngsters are the future of park riding, with plenty of NBD's (never been done)...

  • The Life of Lous - Winning the SSS - Episode One

    Episode 7

    First episode of Annelous Lammerts on her kiteboarding journey. Together with her teammates, Alex Maes and Lucas Arsenault, she visits Cape Hatteras to get ready for the Wind Voyager Triple S Invitational, the first top of the Kite Park League.

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • Cabrinha's 20th Kitesurfing Collection

    Episode 8

    Take a look at what is in store for all of the top kitesurfers with Cabrinha's new 2020 collection.

    Video Producer: Cabrinha Kitesurfing

  • Fernando Ferandes Kitesurfing On Maui

    Episode 9

    One of the most inspiring human beings you will come across. His energy and positive attitude is infectious and his determination and goals in life and kiteboarding makes you question what’s physically possible by a human being. "Kitesurfing gives me wings!" - Fernando Fernandes.

    Video Producer...

  • Olly & Megs Down Under Road Trip - Western Australia

    Episode 10

    Olly Bridge and Megan Barnett - top international kitesurfers from Exmouth, UK, are on a road trip down under visiting some of the best places in Western Australia - Sandy Bay, Winderabandi Point, Shark Bay, Lancelin and the very pink Hutt Lagoon!

    Video Producer: Olly Bridge & Megan Barnettt