6 Seasons

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  • 49er FX joy riding in Vassiliki with the VR FX Girls

    Episode 1

    Jonathan went blasting with Bryony Bennett-Lloyd (aka VR FX Girls) in Vassiliki, Greece.

    Film Producer: A Slightly Swedish Production

  • Hobie 16 Speed Record Attempt!

    Episode 2

    Joe Bennett attempting the speed record for a Hobie 16 in Vassiliki, Greece. Hitting 23.37 knots - looking seriously fun at Wildwind.

    Video Producer: Joseph Bennett

  • Hobie FX1 Big Pitchpole!

    Episode 3

    Domestic stuntman 'Little' Joe Bennett throwing an FX1 into a splendid pitchpole - filmed in Vassiliki, Greece (Wildwind).

    Video Producer: Joseph Bennett

  • Hobie 14 Massive Pitchpole!

    Episode 4

    Domestic stuntman 'Little' Joe Bennett throwing an Hobie 14 into a massive pitchpole - showing what happens if you go into a high wind gybe without enough boat speed. Filmed in Vassiliki, Greece (Widlwind).

    Video Producer: Joseph Bennett

  • High Speed Laser Sailing - Rob Spencer Legend!

    Episode 5

    Rob Spencer giving it full throttle in a Laser at Wildwind - filmed in Vassiliki, Greece. Legend!

    Video Producer: Joseph Bennett

  • Spitfire The Youth Pathway to Sailing's Future

    Episode 6

    UKCRA GBR Youth are thrilled to release their new film promoting the Spitfire as the best youth class to sail! Superb technical, tactical and seriously fast - offering a great introduction to high speed multihull sailing.

    Video Producer: Iain Philpott Marine

  • Hobie 16 too much wind

    Episode 7

    Gusting 35 knots. Vassiliki at it's best - perhaps too good!

    Video Producer: Joyrider Productions

  • Onboard The Foiling Laser

    Episode 8

    Still early days with the flying Laser. On this occasion the wind was gusting 22knots. Top speed 17.15 knots. Some new exciting ways to crash a Laser with Joe Bennett at Wildwind, Vassiliki!

    Video Producer: Joyrider Productions

  • Hobie 16 Fastest Ever!

    Episode 9

    Joe Bennett up to his usual tricks of taking a Hobie to the very edge - 25 gusting 35 knots of wind, Vassiliki Bay, 200kg of man hanging off the side. 25.64 knots. If anyone knows of a faster speed on a Hobie 16 let Joe know.

    Video Producer: Joseph Bennett

  • Breaking 20 knots on a Laser at Wildwind

    Episode 10

    Wow, that foiling Laser is really flying! First time ever at Wildwind. Marko again giving it the beans.

    Video Producer: Joseph Bennett

  • Wildwind - Hobie Cat Fever

    Episode 11

    VR Sport Media Crew visited one of the iconic destinations in European holiday sailing resorts - Wildwind. Located in Vassiliki, Wildwind has become a mecca for sailing hard in the stunning Mediterranean.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media