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Hobie Tiger

Hobie Tiger

3 Seasons

The Tiger was Hobie’s design entry into the newly created Formula 18 class. Born from the very first F18, the Alado 18 and designed by Jacques Valer, the Tiger quickly established itself as the premier F18 platform. Manufactured by Hobie Cat Europe and introduced in 1995, the Tiger was the boat to beat during its dominant 10 year run.

Hobie Tiger
  • Hobie Noordwijk 2017 - Wednesday 26 July

    Episode 1

    It's time for the top Hobie 16 and 18's to get out on the water and start racing. The Hobie 16's have been split into Gold and Silver fleets with everyone admiring the new brightly orange and blue sails which make for a spectacular sight on the race track. Tigers and Wild Cats start to prowl the ...