Hobie Wild Cat

Hobie Wild Cat

4 Seasons

The Wild Cat is Hobie’s next generation extreme racing machine and current Formula 18 design. Introduced in January 2009, the Wild Cat ultimately replaced the Hobie Tiger. Designed by renowned fluid dynamics expert Dr. Martin Fischer (designer of the Capricorn F18, A Class catamarans and America’s Cup 45 collaborator) and manufactured by Hobie Cat Europe, the Wild Cat incorporates the latest in Formula 18 design philosophies.

The Hobie Wild Cat includes: wave piercing and planing hulls; distinctive hull strakes to reduce friction and increase speed in moderate to heavy winds; a shallow V-shaped keel rocker; longer, high aspect ratio carbon daggerboard and rudder foils and all-aluminum wing mast.

Hobie Wild Cat
  • 2018 Hobie Multi Europeans - Denmark - Day One

    Episode 1

    Hornbaek is hosting the huge 2018 Hobie Multi Europeans in Denmark. Finals day for the Grand Masters and Women in the Hobie 16 with plenty of other classes out enjoying the stunning conditions.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • 2018 Hobie Multi Europeans - Denmark - Day Three

    Episode 2

    Racing cancelled due to lack of wind and brilliant sunshine on the beach at Hornbaek so all the sailors decided to showcase the famous Hobie Way Of Life - beach party! The 'Cut Party' is a regatta tradition where the new Hobie 16 Gold fleet sail is launched and qualification for the fleets are an...

  • 2018 Hobie Multi Europeans - Denmark - Day Four

    Episode 3

    The weather is glorious in Hornbaek for the 2018 Hobie MultiEuropeans but you can't have it all - sun and light winds meant only one race. The Hobie sailors seem to epitomise a wonderful family spirit and a true love for the sport!

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • 2018 Hobie Multi Europeans - Denmark - Day Two

    Episode 4

    Hobie 14, 16 and Dragoons were enjoying the conditions on the idyllic Danish coastline off Hornbaek. The young sailors are an integral and growing part of the MultiEuropeans ensuring the future of the Hobie across Europe and showcasing the strong belief of friendship and competition.

    Video Prod...