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The IMOCA ("Open 60"), is a 60ft development class monohull sailing yacht administered by the International Monohull Open Class Association (IMOCA). The class pinnacle event are single or two person ocean races, such as the Route du Rhum and the Vendée Globe and this has been intimately linked to design development within the class.

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  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Until Next Time

    Episode 1

    With the world experiencing lockdown, 33 skippers took to the oceans to compete in the toughest adventure offshore racing has to offer - the Vendée Globe.. VRsportTV has covered all of the action from start to finish with 80 episodes, triumph to tragedy, elation to soul searching - this race had ...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - The Final 'Finn'ish

    Episode 2

    33 boats, 25 finishers and they're all safely home! Congratulations to Alexia Barrier and Ari Huusela for bringing the official Vendée Globe 2020/21 to a wonderful conclusion. Also, Sam Davies and Isabelle Joschke completed their own circumnavigation of the world with a special heart to finish! F...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day 106

    Episode 3

    Most of the intrepid sailors are back ashore but let's not forget the tailenders! They have raced around the globe single handed, through every type of condition the sea could throw at them and most have survived. Costa, Giraud, Merron and Cousin have succeeded where may have failed. Footage ©Ven...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Ninety Six

    Episode 4

    Rolling, rolling, rolling into the finish line for five other Vendée Globe skippers. Arnaud, Kojiro, Alan, Stephane and Pip arrive all within 24 hours of each other after a mid fleet battle royal! Footage ©Vendée Globe / Nefertiti Production

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media 

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Ninety One

    Episode 5

    Jérémie Beyou and Romain Attanasio are the latest skippers to finish today and the fans showed their appreciation of their endeavours over the 90 days at sea. It looks like a mighty battle mid fleet with five boats lining up to all finish next Wednesday - Kojiro Shiraishi is leading but Pip Hare ...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Eighty Nine

    Episode 6

    13th placed, Jérémie Beyou, will be one of the most anticipated and celebrated finishes in VG history. One of the hot favourites for the overall win, he was forced to turn back 600 miles after the start due to severe damage to his rudder. He restarted 9 days later.. Plus Clarisse's celebrations c...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Eighty Eight

    Episode 7

    Here Comes The Girls! Clarisse Cremer smashes the 21 year monohull solo non stop record for a female skipper and finishes 12th overall out of a fleet of 33 starters. She took the title in her stride and pushed the equality in the male dominated sport further into balance. Plus all of the finisher...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Eighty Three

    Episode 8

    The unconventional hero, Jean Le Cam, finished his fifth Vendée Globe in 4th overall after his time redress. A massive achievement when he was racing a 14 year old IMOCA 60 and he led for a day and a half, rescued Kevin Escoffier and chatted to his President. A true wandering star amongst all ski...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Eighty Two

    Episode 9

    The Magnificent Seven Arrive Home (plus one). Monster programme of all the finishers. If Hollywood wrote a script for a film of 80 days of human endeavour against the elements even they wouldn't believe it! What an epic journey around the globe. As predicted yesterday, Yannick Bestaven has taken ...

  • The Fastnet Race 2021 - Part One

    Episode 10

    One of the iconic races on the planet attracting many of the top names (boat and sailor) for the dash across to Ireland and now back to Cherbourg. The Ultime trimaran foilers are leading the charge with the big monohull Maxis, Vendée Globe IMOCAs and the rest of the 337 fleet. The shackles have b...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Eighty One

    Episode 11

    It's official - Line Honours for Charlie Dalin - 80 days 6 hours, 15 minutes and 47 seconds but will it be enough to secure the Vendée Globe Trophy? What a finish tonight and tomorrow morning is turning out to be - hot favourite is now Yannick Bestaven with his 10 hour 15 minute time redress - on...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Eighty

    Episode 12

    Ladies and Gentlemen - Final Bets Please! The gunslingers have gone all in and what cards are they holding? Ruyant and Bestaven have upped the ante by going North joined by Burton - have they got aces up their sleeves with the bigger SW breeze? Two strategies - who's holding and who's bluffing? F...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Seventy Nine

    Episode 13

    And then there were three! 'The Inseparables' was the name for the three Musketeers - Athos, Porthos and Aramis or in the modern era - Charlie, Louis and Boris. It's time for one of them to shut the rest down! Footage ©Vendée Globe / Nefertiti Production

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media 

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Seventy Eight

    Episode 14

    Leader Update: The Magnificent Seven have started to gybe north for the bigger breeze - the early gunslingers are Yannick, Damien and Giancarlo. Times allowances at the finish for Yannick, Boris and Jean will be contentious for many fans as it looks likely to play a major part in the podium.. Foo...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Seventy Seven

    Episode 15

    Welcome to the Magnificent Seven! All of the skippers could cross the line first - true gunslingers of the ocean! Footage ©Vendée Globe / Nefertiti Production

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media 

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Seventy Six

    Episode 16

    Louis Burton is piling on the pressure to loop over the fleet and is expected to be in the lead shortly. With only 1700nm to the finish it's anyone's guess who is going to win the most coveted trophy in offshore racing..Footage ©Vendée Globe / Nefertiti Production

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media 

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Seventy Five

    Episode 17

    The intensity is growing to fever pitch with the finish of the Vendée Globe insight for the leaders. Race committee are calling the finish for next Wednesday - it will be a unique closure to this epic race with potentially eight boats in 24 hours! Footage ©Vendée Globe / Nefertiti Production


  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Seventy Four

    Episode 18

    Herrmann has moved up to second on the leader board with Dalin still heading the fleet. But off to the left is Burton steaming up to hit the low pressure in the North Atlantic first. Plus, Pip Hare has been playing with jelly fish and they fought back.. Footage ©Vendée Globe / Nefertiti Productio...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Seventy Three

    Episode 19

    The Split - Speed or VMG.. Burton may be 4th on the leader board but he's pushing hard to reach the North Atlantic breeze to bring him home. Dalin is trying to cut the corner as tight as he can with the hole stretching across from Cape Verde. Footage ©Vendée Globe / Nefertiti Production

    Video P...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Seventy Two

    Episode 20

    Bruised and battered after over 70 days at sea, the VG skippers and their boats now have to squeeze every little bit out of themselves and their racing machines. It feels like a Transatlantic sprint, not the last few days of a marathon around the world! Footage ©Vendée Globe / Nefertiti Productio...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Seventy

    Episode 21

    Louis Burton has taken the lead which is a phenomenal achievement after his issues in the South Pacific stopping at Macquarie Island for repairs. He passed Cape Horn in 9th, 500 miles behind the leader Bestaven and will be the first over the Equator. Sadly, The Albatross King, Sébastien Destremau...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Sixty Nine

    Episode 22

    Boris Herrmann has moved up to third overall with just Burton and Dalin ahead of him. He has cut the difference by over 50 miles in the last 24 hours and he has a time adjustment at the finish of six hours - the last 3700 miles is a race against the clock not just being first over the line... Foo...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Sixty Eight

    Episode 23

    It's time for the foilers - finally! They are coming into their own if they're not damaged.. Boris Herrmann is a rare commodity - his foils are not damaged and our German viewers are getting excited about his prospects of moving further up the leaderboard. Footage ©Vendée Globe / Nefertiti Produc...

  • Vendée Globe 2020 - Day Sixty Seven

    Episode 24

    Charlie Dalin is in prime position at the casino roulette table - it's 'Viva Las Brazil' for the leading nine boats. Seguin has dropped to 5th and Burton is up to 3rd but it's just a few miles between all of the top five boats. Footage ©Vendée Globe / Nefertiti Production

    Video Producer: VR Spo...