International 14

International 14

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The International Fourteen is one of the world’s premier sailing classes. It is a two-person, two trapeze skiff, with an unlimited area asymmetric spinnaker and 200 square feet of combined mainsail and headsail area. Carbon hulls and carbon rigs, now generally with square-head mainsails, give exceptional performance. While the relatively open class rules leave plenty of room for experiment, encouraging innovation.

The Fourteen is the oldest International dinghy class, having been granted the status by the then IYRU in 1928. Yet the roots of the class go back even further, to the sailing of various 14 foot dinghies/skiffs in various locations around the world in the late 1800’s. This gives the class its fantastic sense of history – and to sail a Fourteen has always been to sail something special.

But despite the history, the development nature of the class means that the boats themselves have always been at or near the forefront of small boat technology. While International status has meant that the class has played a key role in spreading ideas worldwide. So over the years, the Fourteen has been a major driver of both the development, and international adoption, of new ideas affecting all aspects of dinghy/skiff design.

Today the Fourteen is one of the most challenging, exciting, technical and ultimately satisfying boats to sail. Fourteens, the class saying goes, are forever; once you’ve tried one, no other boat will be quite the same.

International 14
  • Dinghy Show 2016 - International 14

    Episode 1

    The International 14 Class Association were out in force at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2016. VR Sport caught up with Graeme Oliver, Class Chairman, to find out more about getting involved in the class and what events are happening this year. Extra footage from 2016 Bloody Mary.

    Video Producer...

  • The Bloody Mary 2016 - Iconic UK Pursuit Race

    Episode 2

    The 43rd Bloody Mary was held at Queen Mary Sailing Club in January 2016 - the coldest time of the sailing calendar! The iconic pursuit* event is the largest UK inland dinghy race which had 275 boats and 450 sailors enter. Winning the Bloody Mary is a staggering achievement and the 2016 race was ...

  • 2016 International 14 Prince of Wales Cup - Day 1

    Episode 3

    Day 1 of the 2016 International 14's Prince of Wales Cup regatta kicked off in moderate breeze and challenging chop. The annual event is being raced at the prestigious Hayling Island Sailing Club, with a tricky forecast for the weekend, it is panning out to be an exciting four days of skiff saili...

  • 2016 International 14 Prince of Wales Cup - Day 2

    Episode 4

    A damp day on the water! The fleet dawdled to the race course in glassy conditions. Three races were completed in varied and testing conditions. Fantastic results from the females in the fleet while Sam and Stuart took the hat-trick.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • 2016 International 14 Prince of Wales Cup - Day 3

    Episode 5

    Saturday saw the race for the UK National title and the Prince of Wales Cup. The conditions were far from perfect, the strong run out tide and fading breeze prooving to be a difficult end to the race. Take note some foils were harmed in the filming of this video. Congratulations to all the surviv...

  • 2016 International 14 Prince of Wales Cup - Day 4

    Episode 6

    The final day of the 2016 Prince of Wales Cup saw a medium 15 knot breeze but huge, short-spaced waves charging through the course, causing capsizes and pitchpoles everywhere. Broken gear aplenty, this is a day that will be remembered much longer than the bruises last!

    Video Producer: VR Spor...

  • Tech Talk - International 14 - Graeme Oliver

    Episode 7 Tech Talk - Get the latest in the techniques and new developments within many of the leading classes across the globe. This episode focuses on the new Wide Beam International 14 being trialled at the Oceanair Prince of Wales Cup Week 2016 with UK Class Chairman, Graeme Oliver.


  • 2016 International 14 World Championships - Day One

    Episode 8

    Welcome to Day 1 of the International 14 World Championships in Carnac. An early start was the call in order to make the most of the breeze. The fleet was flying round the course in just 12 knots, only goes to show how exciting these boats can be. Unfortunately it was not a flawless fo...

  • 2016 International 14 World Championships - Day Two

    Episode 9

    When the wind comes to play! A slow start to the second day of the VRsport.TV International 14 Worlds as the limp postponment flag was raised on the flagpole. After waiting ashore, a decent 12-15 knots blew in and it was all up for grabs. A short three laps left the sailors satisfied and keen for...

  • 2016 International 14 World Championships - Day Three

    Episode 10

    Carnage in Carnac. Day Three saw a solid 18+ knots across the racecourse, spectacular skiff conditions. The 14's come into their own as the helms and crews rub shoulders and tangle legs in order to stay aboard. An impressive performance by Jones and Fitzgerald to come back from a nasty capsize wi...

  • 2016 International 14 World Championships - Day Four

    Episode 11

    The boat park rang to the sound of power drills and the smell of fresh epoxy as the fleet patched up their boats after the carnage of yesterday. Day four treated the fleet to glamour conditions with 10-12 knots and bright sunshine, it does not get much better than this. A relaxed vibe flowed afte...

  • 2016 International 14 World Championships - Day Five

    Episode 12

    Day 5 - light and right. After an hours postponement racing took place in a building sea breeze on Quiberon Bay. A clear favoured right hand side dissolved many tactics turning todays race into a soldiers course with and emphasis on boat speed and manoeuvres. The atmosphere is buoyant after a day...

  • 2016 International 14 World Championships - Day Six

    Episode 13

    Carnac continues to deliver consistent sunny warm weather. Again a postponment went up before the sea breeze built and the sailors took off in a beautiful 12-15 knots. Archie Massey and Harvey Hillary were dominant today, leading at the top mark and for the rest of the race. With 1st all tied up ...

  • 2016 International 14 World Championships - Final Day

    Episode 14

    The Finale in Carnac - fantastic 15 knots for plenty of action in the ultimate race. Aussies Mark Kristic and James Lanati took the win with Massey and Hillary following them across the line, one place less than needed for them to clinch second overall. Truswell and Pascoe are once again crowned ...

  • Tech Talk - International 14 - Brad Devine

    Episode 15

    We take a moment during the action packed International 14 Worlds in Carnac to speak to Brad Devine. His 14 was infamous round the boat park, not only for its lush gold paint job but also the multitude of control lines and carbon rod rigging. Amazing to see the time, effort and care these sailors...

  • Hanz und Franz - Extreme Fit For Sailing

    Episode 16

    Exclusive Series - Welcome to Hanz & Franz - The Hard & Fast Tour: Extreme Fit For Sailing. The boys explain what their fitness regime is to keep them from huffing and puffing - watch out Arnold.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • Hanz und Franz - Hanz Gets Hot Speaking With...

    Episode 17

    Exclusive Series - Welcome to Hanz & Franz - The Hard & Fast Tour: Hanz Gets Hot With... Our new presenter, Hanz, chats with some of the leading International 14 sailors at one of the big German regattas.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media