International 505

International 505

3 Seasons

The International 505 is a one-design high-performance two-person monohull planing dinghy, with spinnaker, utilising a trapeze for the crew.

The hulls of early 505s were built in cold-molded marine plywood, new hulls are now built using composite molding: glass fibre and/or carbon fibre mats and vinylester or epoxy resin using either a wet layup technique or using heat-cured prepreg sheets. Hulls are usually cored with foam, balsa or Nomex to increase stiffness and durability, spars traditionally were manufactured from aluminium alloy, later rule changes have permitted the use of carbon fibre for boom and spinnaker pole.

The hull shape and sail plan are tightly controlled, while the spars, foils and rigging are more open which allows the boat's rig and controls to be set up to the preferences of the crew, rather than dictated by the class rules.

As of 2009, over 9000 505s had been built.

International 505
  • Datchet Flyer 2015 - Day 1

    Episode 1

    First day of the Datchet Flyer - wild conditions and only one race completed. Over 75 boats went out and survival was the key. Many of the UK's top sailors were on the water competing including Nick Craig, Charlie Cumbley, Ben McGrane and Tom Gillard to name a few. The Datchet Flyer is second reg...

  • Datchet Flyer 2015 - Day 2

    Episode 2

    The tale of two very different conditions at the Datchet Flyers (part of the GJW Direct Sailjuice Winter Series). After Day One with winds up to 35 knots, Day Two is light and tactical with 2nd Race - Handicap and 3rd Race - Pursuit. Filmed on location at Datchet Water Sailing Club in front of Wi...

  • GJW Direct Sailjuice Winter Series 2015 - Draycote Dash

    Episode 3

    Tom Gillard and Andy Couch raced their 505 to victory in the Fernhurst Books Draycote Dash after surviving a stormy Saturday and winning the pursuit race on a much softer Sunday. The first of seven events in this season's GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series, the wind turned appropriately icy over...