International Etchells

International Etchells

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The class was known originally as E22 until the name was changed to Etchells in 1990. Over the years, the Etchells has become increasingly popular and is now raced by members of more than fifty fleets around the world.

The Etchells is a fast, stable racing sloop that can be raced competitively and safely by three or four sailors. She can tack in 70 degrees and is extremely sensitive to subtle adjustments in tuning and trim. She has a sleek hull with relatively little wetted surface area, which allows her to move well in the lightest breeze. In heavier winds, she absolutely flies. Her sail plan includes a main, jib, and spinnaker.

The class’s strict one-design principles were established in the late 1960s and are controlled today by a strong, well-managed class association. The class and the International Sailing Federation maintain tight control of the construction of these yachts, ensuring the high quality and uniformity of each Etchells built. The one-design principles help the Etchells hold her resale value exceptionally well.

The Etchells is a fiberglass boat with aluminum spars; it has no electrical systems or auxiliary power. It is trailerable and light enough to drysail. The materials and techniques used in her construction make her easy to maintain and repair.

International Etchells
  • Sidney Doren Memorial Regatta 2017 - Blown Away In Miami

    Episode 1

    Blown Away In Miami - The second event in the 2017 Etchells Biscayne Bay Series, the Sidney Doren Memorial Regatta was held last weekend in Miami. The weekend racing was dominated by the major cold front that was making headlines throughout the Eastern USA. Many of the top international Etchells ...

  • Etchells Florida State Championships 2017 - Day 1

    Episode 2

    The Florida State Championship 2017, hosted by the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, kicked off with two light wind races, where balancing the shift with the next bit of pressure was key. It looked like a simpler third race was in store as it briefly picked up to 10 knots, but there is nothing simple abo...

  • Etchells Florida State Championships 2017 - Day 2

    Episode 3

    Despite multiple attempts at a start the wind failed to ever make a sustained appearance so unfortunately there was no action on the final day of the Etchells 2017 Florida State Championships hosted by the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, Miami. Steve Benjamin's near perfect day in Saturdays difficult co...

  • COAST New Zealand Etchells National Championship 2017

    Episode 4

    Wrap up of the 2017 COAST New Zealand Etchells Champs hosted by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. Australian skipper Martin Hill took the overall title from the locals Lincoln Fraser and Andrew Wills finishing second and third respectively.

    Video Producer: Live Sail Die

  • Cowes Week 2017 Wrap Up

    Episode 5

    What a week it was - records smashed, rain, wind, more rain, more wind and on the odd occasion some sun came out too. Over 1,000 boats and up to 40 races per day, Cowes Week is one of the biggest social events in the British sporting calendar.

    Video Content: On shore - VR Sport Media & On wat...

  • US Sailing - Peter Duncan Rolex Yachtsman of the Year 2017

    Episode 6

    Peter Duncan, a life-long one-design sailor and proud member of the American Yacht Club, was once again at the top of his game in 2017 at the highest-levels of international competition and in a variety of sailboat classes. He received this honorable distinction for first time in his illustrious ...