International Fireball

International Fireball

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Many Fireballs are amateur-built, a good indication of the simplicity of the design. The Fireball hull and sail plans have strict limitations in design, but the class rules allow you to adapt the position and design of gear to suit your own weight and style of sailing.

Anyone can sail a Fireball. Age or sex does not determine one’s ability to be competitive. Some countries leading Fireball sailors are women. The class also has a strong contingent of sailors over forty.

Winning Fireball races is not really a question of having an amateur or professionally built, plywood or fibreglass, old or new boat, but rather comes down to mastering the art of tuning, and sailing better than your competition.

Fireballs are a delight to sail in strong winds. The thrills of trapeze and spinnakers are hard to match in any type of sailboat or board. If capsized, the boats are easily righted, and can be sailed without bailing. The weight and strength of the crew is not as important as the tuning of the boat. The trapeze and sail handling requires skill rather than strength.

The Fireball is an International Class, with fleets in every region of the world, and associations conducts yearly World, Continental, National and State Championships.

International Fireball
  • Whitsun Regatta 2018 - Hayling Island - Day One

    Episode 1

    Nick Peters, Commodore of Hayling Island Sailing Club, couldn't have put it any better for the revamped Whitsun Regatta - "The sun shone, the winds blown and hey..what more do you need!"

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • Whitsun Regatta 2018 - Hayling Island - Day Two

    Episode 2

    Lighter conditions at the Whitsun Regatta at Hayling Island Sailing Club after thunderstorms lit up the sky over night. Resounding success for the club and all the sailors with the sun back out and plenty of smiles.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • Welcome to Hayling Island Sailing Club

    Episode 3

    One of the premier UK sailing clubs, Hayling Island Sailing Club is located on the south coast. Amazing facilities and even a beach - now wonder they host many of the top Championships.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media