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International Moth

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The International Moth is a high-speed, development sailing class, a history of 75 years of continuous innovation has produced carbon fibre super light weight boats capable of sailing over 30 knots on hydrofoils.

Maybe it’s the fun factor, maybe its the fear factor – but you’ll sail a long way to find a class with a more helpful and friendly bunch of sailors.

Built almost entirely out of carbon fibre, the International Moth is the most technically advanced racing dinghy in the world. With an all up weight of around 30 kilograms, the boat is designed and built to fly.

With the introduction of foils to the moth class, gybing and tacking on the foils is the most exhilarating experience on the water once referred to as the holy grail of moth sailing.

Check out the Tech Talks with some of the leading UK sailors explaining about their ‘flying machines’ – David Hivey (Exocet), Dylan Fletcher (Racoon Rocket) and Alister Richardson (Home Build).

International Moth
  • The Bloody Mary 2016 - Iconic UK Pursuit Race

    Episode 1

    The 43rd Bloody Mary was held at Queen Mary Sailing Club in January 2016 - the coldest time of the sailing calendar! The iconic pursuit* event is the largest UK inland dinghy race which had 275 boats and 450 sailors enter. Winning the Bloody Mary is a staggering achievement and the 2016 race was ...

  • Charleston Fort 2 Battery 2016

    Episode 2

    The 2016 Charleston Fort 2 battery is a wrap...and a sick year it was.

    Video Producer: Penalty Box Productions

  • 2016 Forward Sailing European Int Moth Champs - Part 1

    Episode 3

    The International Moths are out in force on the west coast of France competing for the European 2016 title. Looks like the strong contingency of GBR sailors are topping the results table with the usual suspects, Chris Rashley, Ben Paton, Mike Lennon, Jason Belben and Dave Hivey fighting it out fo...

  • 2016 Forward Sailing European Int Moth Champs - Part 2

    Episode 4

    Forward Sailing European International Moth Championships 2016 Part 2 - We are introduced to the Int Moth and the technical designs which are moving forward rapidly within the development class.

    Video Producer: Horue Movie Production

  • 2016 Forward Sailing European Int Moth Champs Round Up

    Episode 5

    Final episode of the 2016 Forward Sailing European International Moth Championship with Mike Lennon (GBR) collecting first place overall. Stunning footage of competitors but don't blink - they will have shot past your screen! Another GBR podium with Chris Rashley (2nd) and Ben Paton (3rd).


  • Race Team Int Moth Rider - Hivey in Garda

    Episode 6

    Dave Hivey, one of the Race Team, loves his drone and International Moth. Watch his recent trip to Lake Garda and some amazing footage of the flying machines in one of the glamour sailing venues in the world.

    Video Producer: David Hivey

  • International Moth UK Nationals 2016 - Day One

    Episode 7

    Its the start of the 2016 International Moth UK Nationals. The late start time of 1.25 allowed for a relaxed morning in the boat park, providing ample time for final tuning to be made. With some thunder and lightning and force 4 winds, conditions looked almost perfect for sailing, but ...

  • International Moth UK Nationals 2016 - Day Two

    Episode 8

    Day Two - postponed because of too much wind and probably a wise decision made to allow all the Mothies to enjoy themselves without worry of damage to boats midway through the Nationals. Later in the afternoon the conditions were perfect for four back to back races - Greenhalgh and Hivey ruled su...

  • International Moth UK Nationals 2016 - Day Three

    Episode 9

    After waiting for the breeze to drop yesterday morning, today the mothies stayed ashore waiting for the sea breeze to kick in. They finally took to the water around 1pm, in perfect conditions. Blue skies and 14-18 knots of breeze. Weymouth is providing a grand stage for Rob Greenhalgh to give a m...

  • International Moth UK Nationals 2016 - Final Day

    Episode 10

    Final Day at the International Moth UK Nationals 2016 - the finale between Greenhalgh and Hivey wasn't to be as the wind disappeared for racing to be abandoned. The Mothies may have been broken physically after some show stopping sailing but plenty of stories and chuckles of their expl...

  • Tech Talk - Homebuild Int Moth - Alister Richardson

    Episode 11

    We took the opportunity to talk to Moth sailor Alister Richardson, builder of the "Flying Fish" on the final day of the International Moth UK Nationals, after racing was abandoned due to lack of wind. Alister explains the complications behind building a boat, and explains how his Moth ...

  • Tech Talk - Dave Hivey

    Episode 12

    Dave Hivey shows us around his third Int Moth, and second Maguire Exocet. Not only does he give us a great insight into the technical side of his boat, he also explains the fundamentals behind how the flying machines work. He just finished second in the International Moth UK Nationals ...

  • Up close and personal with the Mothies

    Episode 13

    Whilst filming at the International Moth UK Nationals, we attached a few of our TomTom Bandit cameras to some Moths - thanks James Sainsbury, Alister Kissane and Eddie Bridle. Here is a quick one minute edit from the five hours of footage we recorded over three days.

    Video Producer...

  • Tech Talk - Aardvark Racoon Rocket - Dylan Fletcher

    Episode 14

    Dylan Fletcher takes us round his Racoon Rocket SSD (Solid Side Deck) at the Moth Nationals at Weymouth. Dylan explains the advantages and drawbacks of the solid wings, and gives us an insight into his future plans.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SoftBank Team Japan - Meet Yugo Yoshida

    Episode 15

    Yugo Yoshida didn't know what to expect when he arrived in Zushi, Japan for crew trials last year. Now he's one of the strongest weapons in their America's Cup arsenal.

    Video Producer: SoftBank Team Japan

  • The 2016 Foiling Weeks Wrap Up

    Episode 16

    2016 saw two Foiling Weeks, the first in Malcesine on Lake Garda, Italy, the second in Newport, Rhode Island (USA) . Lake Garda was host to Foiling Week third edition with a participation increase that confirms the growing interest foiling has sparked in sailing enthusiasts around the globe. New...

  • Foiling Week 2016 Garda - Foiling Bonanza

    Episode 17

    If it foils then they come to Foiling Week - International Moth, WASZP, GC32, Flying Phantom, Laser, Cherub, Prototype, Kite and even Windsurfers. Hosted on Lake Garda by Fraglia Vela Malcesine - it's time for the Long Distance Race..

    Video Producer: Horue Video Production