International Moth

International Moth

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The International Moth is a high-speed, development sailing class, a history of 75 years of continuous innovation has produced carbon fibre super light weight boats capable of sailing over 30 knots on hydrofoils.

Maybe it’s the fun factor, maybe its the fear factor – but you’ll sail a long way to find a class with a more helpful and friendly bunch of sailors.

Built almost entirely out of carbon fibre, the International Moth is the most technically advanced racing dinghy in the world. With an all up weight of around 30 kilograms, the boat is designed and built to fly.

With the introduction of foils to the moth class, gybing and tacking on the foils is the most exhilarating experience on the water once referred to as the holy grail of moth sailing.

Check out the Tech Talks with some of the leading UK sailors explaining about their ‘flying machines’ – David Hivey (Exocet), Dylan Fletcher (Racoon Rocket) and Alister Richardson (Home Build).

International Moth
  • International Moth Open 2017 - Datchet Water Sailing Club

    Episode 1

    Twenty-one boats arrived to glorious sunshine at Datchet, but still a daunting north easterly breeze. The fleet were rigged in the shelter of the foreshore, and somewhat dubious about conditions out on the lake - well sit back and watch the fly boys at work...

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • Foiling Week Garda 2017 - Day 1

    Episode 2

    The first day of the 2017 Foiling Week was bathed in warm sunshine and humid sailing conditions on Lake Garda with the typical ‘Ora’ afternoon breeze never really building to full strength. It did however prove ideal for trial sailing onboard the armada of foiling craft on show.

    Video Produce...

  • Foiling Week Garda 2017 - Day 2 And 3

    Episode 3

    Lake Garda was a mass of foilers for another steamy hot day at Foiling Week 2017 hosted by Fraglia Vela Malcesine. By midday 12 knots was the sweet spot for all boats tuning up for the Downwind Dash.

    Video Producer: Horue Video Production

  • Foiling Week Garda 2017 Wrap Up

    Episode 4

    Stunning wrap up video of the 2017 Foiling Week Garda from the team at Horue Video Productions. Dream of flying and then go a buy a boat, board, kite...

    Video Producer: Horue Video Production