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The term maxi originated with the International Offshore Rule (IOR) rating system, which in the 1970s and 1980s measured offshore racing yachts and applied a single-number rating to each boat. This number was approximately equal to the sailing waterline length in feet, plus or minus speed enhancing or reducing factors in the design. A yacht with a rating of 40 feet (12 m) was generally about 47 to 52 feet (14 to 16 m) in length overall. The IOR had upper and lower rating limits of 16 feet (4.9 m) and 70 feet (21 m), so a yacht designed and built to exceed the maximum limit of 70 feet (21 m) rating was known as a maxi.

For the 2009 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia increased the IRC rating upper limit for length of hull from 98 ft to 100 ft, and most 98 ft yachts have been lengthened to this size. In order to achieve higher speeds, Maxi yachts were early adopters of modern materials and technologies such as carbonfiber, thermoformed sails, rotating wingmasts, water ballasts and canting keels. Previous smaller Maxi yachts are still raced with corrected time class victories in mind whilst the 72 ft “mini-maxi” yachts now have a class of their own.

  • Maxi 72 - Corfu Challenge 2017 - Day Four

    Episode 1

    Day Four - Maxi72 Corfu Challenge hosted the Marina Gouvia Sailing Club. Special focus on the exciting youth Maxi72, EVNIKI, helmed by 18 year old, Christina Sakellaris with many top dinghy youth sailors crewing giving them huge opportunity to experience the tactics and big boat competition. Ligh...

  • Maxi 72 - Corfu Challenge 2017 - Final Day

    Episode 2

    Final Day of the inaugural Maxi 72 Corfu Challenge hosted the Marina Gouvia Sailing Club. Congratulations to George Sakellaris and Team Proteus winning the regatta after a hard fought match race with MOMO clinching the title. The final race winner was Hap Fauth and Team Bella Mente followed by MO...

  • 2017 St. Maarten Heineken Regatta - Aftermovie

    Episode 3

    37th St Maarten Heineken Regatta - held in March hosted by the Sint Maarten Yacht Club with the motto "Serious Fun!" Enjoy the 'Aftermovie' bringing all the action and fun from 2017 - we can't wait for next year!

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