Melges 14

Melges 14

2 Seasons

Built by Melges and designed by Reichel Pugh, the Melges 14 exudes innovation and excellence in one design sailing. It’s speed, quality, durability, comfort and fun wrapped into one dynamic and modern sailing package.

In development for over two years, it offers a fun and exciting upwind and downwind experience when compared to other boats in its size range. Perfect for all ages, it features a large, comfortable open cockpit — so no bailing. An ultra-cool carbon mast and boom complements its modern, yet flexible sail plan (full or mid-range). You can either car top or tow it behind any vehicle. It’s easy to move it around on a custom Melges 14 dolly.

It’s a fantastic beach boat — a fun, family-style sailboat or a one-design racing platform.

By simply interchanging the carbon mast tip, you can modify the Melges 14 to best fit you — easy and really fun for all.

MELGES RED – This sail is ideal for sailors with weight ranging from 75-120 lbs. It’s a great way to get light sailors in the Melges 14 — 58 square feet of fun.

MELGES BLUE – The Melges Blue sail size is perfect for sailors in the 125-175 lbs. range.

MELGES GOLD – Big and fast, yet easy to de-power if needed! The Gold Melges 14 sail is ideal for sailors ranging up to 250 lbs.

Melges 14
  • Melges 14 Midwinters 2018 – Highlights

    Episode 1

    Harry Melges IV wins at the Melges 14 Midwinters hosted by the Sarasota Sailing Squadron - not bad with 9 bullets out of 11 races... © Melges Performance Sailboats / Hannah Lee Noll

    Video Producer: Hannah Lee Noll

  • Melges 14 National Championship 2018 Highlights

    Episode 2

    Tight racing and tons of smiles at the inaugural Melges 14 National Championship hosted by Lake Geneva Yacht Club. Harry Melges IV was in dominent form! © Melges Performance Sailboats / Hannah Lee Noll

    Video Producer: Hannah Lee Noll