Nacra 15

Nacra 15

4 Seasons

Designed from scratch to the World Sailing criteria to become the new official WS youth catamaran. The older catamarans in this program need replacement as the youth of the world wants to sail in a catamaran that can carry more crew weight and is a modern design than the current ones. The Nacra 15 resembles a lot to its bigger sister, the Olympic Nacra 17. In fact, the Nacra 15 is a mini version of the Olympic Nacra 17, creating a pathway towards the Olympics.

Especially young and eager ones. The whole idea of the NACRA 15 is to catch youth for life, so they choose sailing as a life sport! The official World Sailing youth multihull has to be an exciting but safe product where new generations have fun with and enables them to take the best out of themselves as a team. Not an easy goal but the Nacra 15 is the answer.

The Nacra 15 carries also two curved dagger boards that provide lift. This provides an extra dimension in sailing, as the Nacra 15 is a semi-foiling catamaran. More lift means; drag reduced means; more speed and excitement.

The Nacra 15 and the Nacra 17 will represent the future of cat sailing at the highest level around the world. Nacra 15 acting as “stepping stone” for youth and the Nacra 17 to use at the Olympic Games.

Nacra 15
  • UKCRA Squad sailors trial the new Nacra 15

    Episode 1

    UKCRA GBR National Youth Squad sailors Alex Philpott and Jess D'Arcy trial the new Nacra 15 prototype at Datchet Water Sailing Club. Currently the front runner to be selected as the new ISAF Youth Multihull.

    Video Producer: Iain Philpott Marine

  • Nacra 15 Team Philpott-D'Arcy

    Episode 2

    As Team Philpott-D'Arcy Jess and I were thrilled to be invited by Nacra dealer Paul Wakelin of Fluid Boat Services to sail the brand new Nacra 15 at Grafham Water Sailing Club. After the Juniors had all returned ashore with just the biggest grins on their faces it was time to crank up the speed f...