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Eight Tips For Lightwind Wingsurfing - Episode 4



  • The Prada Cup - The Final - News Update

    Update on the comings and goings in Auckland. The two tribes waged verbal attacks due to the postponement of Wednesday's planned racing because of the Government's COVID Level 3 Alert. If you thought it was bad on the water..the Italian's honour was questioned - fighting talk from Tina Symmans, C...

  • 2020 49er, 49er FX & Nacra 17 Oceania...

    It was hot, very hot and shifty, very shifty for the 49ers on their first day at the Oceania Championships in Geelong, Australia. Corio Bay is renowned for having four seasons in a day - it certainly lived up to it's reputation. Only the 49er's went out with the FX and Nacra 17 sailors relaxed in...

  • The Prada Cup - The Final - Day Two

    It was Valentine's Day in Auckland and there certainly weren't any expressions of love between the teams - you'd think the Italian's would be a little more fore-giving on this day as they invented it! One legendary Olympic coach, Jim Saltonstall, was heard on many occassion to explain that the sa...