RS Feva

RS Feva

5 Seasons

The RS Feva is available in two versions; the RS Feva S and RS Feva XL.

The RS Feva S is the pleasure-sailing version, with a "soft" unbattened mainsail and can be upgraded to add a jib and/or gennaker.

The RS Feva XL is the racing version, with the same hull and spars as the RS Feva S but the sail package comprises a full-battened mylar racing mainsail and includes the jib and gennaker. The design allows both the jib and gennaker to be used at the same time for power reaching.[3] When racing in a mixed fleet, the RS Feva XL uses a Portsmouth Yardstick handicap of 1210 in the UK[4] or 105.2 in the USA.[5]

The boat is suitable to be sailed by two young sailors or by adult and child teams, the RS Feva may also be sailed single-handed.

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RS Feva
  • RS Feva World Championships 2015

    Episode 1

    RS Feva World Championships 2015 - Travem√ľnde Woche. Great summary of the regatta with with team GBR cleaning up with the top 5 places overall.

    Video Producer: EventStream Media

  • RS Feva GBR All Squads 2015

    Episode 2

    March 2015 - All of the GBR RS Feva Squads came together in a series of races to test their skills after a hard winter of raining to see where they stood in the fleet. Based at Hayling Island, England - great weather and racing had by all.

    Video Producer: EventStream Media