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S9 is a monotype, a small high performance catamaran, simple and easy to use. It can be completely disassembled and each part can be substituted. S9 uses a system of “T” foil daggerboard with “hinged” flap. It has been combined with an automatic adjustment system of the flap (WAND) that ensures the easiest use of the boat in full flight.

S9 catamaran can start flying with 6 knots. It can fly upwind at 45° at 7 knots wind speed and downwind at 160°. (reaching maximum speed of 24,7 knots. (trying to sail faster become more dangerous) and) S9 has been designed to reach quickly 2 times the wind speed downwind. Thanks to good hull volume, the S9 can support a crew up to 95 kg in reasonable wind conditions.

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  • S9 Team's Stunt T foiling catamaran

    Episode 1

    T foil catamaran with wand system for easy and fast foiling designed and produced by Michele Petrucci.

    Video Producer: www.s9team.it