6 Seasons

Big rigs and big muscles needed for this exciting competition discipline - close contact around the marks with the occasional crash..

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  • Team Pryde at 2015 Tenerife World Cup

    Episode 1

    Check out all the action from the windy 2015 PWA Tenerife Windsurfing World as seen through the eyes of Team Pryde. Team riders: Robby Swift, Antoine Martin, Jules Denel and Leon Jamaer.

    Video Producer: NeilPryde Windsurfing

  • Team Pryde at 2015 PWA Gran Canaria World Cup

    Episode 2

    Team Pryde battling it out at the challenging 2015 PWA Gran Canaria World Cup.

    Video Producer: NeilPryde Windsurfing

  • TWS Slalom Stages - Tenerife

    Episode 3

    TWS Tenerife Slalom footage with Warp 7.0 and Falcon 111 combination - who tops the GPS Speedranking Leader Board...?

    Video Producer: Fanatic International