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South Africa

South Africa

6 Seasons

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South Africa
  • Jamie Hancock - Cape Town

    Episode 1

    Filmed during early 2016 in Cape Town. Jamie had hurt his back during the trip so focused on following some of the GA / Tabou team riders. He also got to learn the ropes with the super talented Julien Robinet from Broke Bloke Productions.

    Video Producer: Jamie Hancock

  • KEVLOG - King Of The Air 2018

    Episode 2

    Kevin Langeree - Red Bull King Of The Air 2018 - the ultimate wrap up from his amazing time in Cape Town.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • Cape Town - Huge Jumps On Day One

    Episode 3

    The wind has been on fire ever since Kev arrived in Cape Town. Big air sessions and more to come for the reigning King of the Air 2018.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • Cape Town - Jumping Over BIG Waves

    Episode 4

    Big waves, wind and some friends. What better ingredients can you ask for in a session. Kev went to Misty Cliffs in search for some massive ramps and he definitely found them.

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree

  • Cape Town - Jumped As Much As You Can

    Episode 5

    Being in the air just never gets boring for Kev so when he finally found some wind he tried to jump until he dropped!

    Video Producer: Kevin Langeree