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South Korea

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South Korea
  • Busan WIM Series 2016 - Day One

    Episode 1

    Trine Palludan early leader in Busan – Danish substitute skipper beat World Champ Anna Ostling. As the round-robin in the 4th event of the 2016 WIM Series kicked off in Busan today, Trine Palludan led her crew to four straight victories.

    Video Producer: WIM Series

  • Busan WIM Series 2016 - Day Two

    Episode 2

    In her last Wednesday match Australian skipper Katie Spithill and her Team Leagues Racing, put an end to Danish skipper Trine Palludan's winning streak in the Busan Cup Women's International Match Race, the 4th event of the 2016 WIM Series.

    Video Producer: WIM Series

  • Busan WIM Series 2016 - Day Three

    Episode 3

    Experience, experience and nothing but experience, that’s what really counts when it comes to match racing, the chess game of sailing. And Claire Leroy has got loads of it, with two World Championship titles, several years as number one on the world ranking, and double triumphs in the Busan Cup W...

  • Busan WIM Series 2016 - Day Four

    Episode 4

    It was cold, rainy, wet and not very windy, but yet an eventful and really exciting Friday on the waters just outside Haeundae Beach in Busan, Korea. Claire Leroy (FRA), Lucy Macgregor (GBR), Anna Ostling (SWE) and Katie Spithill (AUS) went through to the semis.

    Video Producer: WIM Series

  • Busan WIM Series 2016 - The Korea Challenge

    Episode 5

    Its Korea's time to challenge the rest of the WIM sailors to some traditional fun and games - not all about racing but some time out with shoe throwing, chopstick wars and skipping ropes...strange but true.

    Video Producer: WIM Racing Series

  • 2016 Busan WIM Series - Final Day

    Episode 6

    Australian Katie Spithill has been to every Busan Cup Women’s International Match Race since the inaugural event in 2008, except for the single year she had her daughter. For the first time, she went all the way through to winning in Korea, over previous two-time Busan champion Lucy Macgregor of ...