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Antigua & Barbuda
  • 2017 RORC Caribbean 600 - Race Preview

    Episode 1

    The RORC Caribbean 600 has close to Royal Ocean Racing Club's classic offshore race. The offshore race takes the fleet around some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean starting from Antigua and Barbuda passing by Guadeloupe, Montserrat, St Kitts & Nevis and Anguilla. The biggest and fa...

  • 2017 RORC Caribbean 600 - Start Highlights

    Episode 2

    The 2017 RORC Caribbean 600 started in magnificent conditions with the largest ever offshore fleet assembled in the Caribbean enjoying sparkling conditions. Olympic medallists, America's Cup winners and round the world sailors competed alongside passionate corinthians on the same 600 mile race co...

  • 2017 RORC Caribbean 600 - First Finishers

    Episode 3

    Phaedo 3 and Maserati MOD70 battled it out for line honours up to speeds of 36 knots! Superyachts and Maxi's were out in force too with Rambler and Shamanna (Swan 115) showing their stunning transoms to many of the other competitors.

    Video Producer: Acquafilms

  • 2017 RORC Caribbean 600 - Wrap

    Episode 4

    The 2017 RORC Caribbean 600 will be remembered for highly competitive racing throughout the fleet, with American yachts winning the major prizes. The race was affected by unusual weather conditions, with a low pressure system sending the wind direction spinning through 360º of the compass.


  • Antigua Sailing Week 2017 - Peters & May Round Antigua Race

    Episode 5

    Sir Peter Harrison tries to beat his own record in the Peters & May Round Antigua Race on Sojana with Nomad 4 chasing hard behind. It was going to be very tight but will he get his special 80th birthday present...

    Video Producer: Acquafilms

  • Antigua Sailing Week 2017 - English Harbour Rum - Race Day 1

    Episode 6

    And we're off! Race 1 of the 50th Antigua Sailing Week, 2017. Magic conditions...

    Video Producer: Acquafilms

  • Antigua Sailing Week 2017 - Fever Tree - Race Day 2

    Episode 7

    Sparkling conditions for race day 2 of Antigua Sailing Week 2017, hosted by the Antigua Yacht Club. Onboard with Sir Hugh Bailey's Rebel and the other 150 yachts enjoyed champagne conditions.

    Video Producer: Acquafilms

  • Antigua Sailing Week 2017 - Johnny Walker - Race Day 3

    Episode 8

    Its all go on Race Day 3 as leaders emerge in divisions A and B. Ride with a cutting edge Polish catamaran (classic crazy sailors) and with a team of German girls battling for the podium in their bareboat class at the 50th Antigua Sailing Week.

    Video Producer: Acquafilms

  • Antigua Sailing Week 2017 - Caribbean Sailing Association - Race Day 4

    Episode 9

    Day Four and everyone should have been chilled out after listening to Damian Marley, the Jamaican reggae artist, the night before but the bareboat class at the 50th Antigua Sailing Week had their 'race faces' on at the start. Crunch time for the regatta leader, Thomas Sparrer, in more ways than o...

  • Antigua Sailing Week 2017 - Epic Highlights

    Episode 10

    The 50th Antigua Sailing Week has finished but what a festival of racing in the Caribbean. Take a look at some of the action both on and off the water - get ready to book your place at the 2018 ASW.

    Video Producer: Acquafilms