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The Contender is a high performance racing dinghy, light, fast, and spectacular. A single hander, where the helmsman controls the boat from the trapeze wire to balance the forces from the large sail. Its excellent performance in stronger winds and waves reflects its Australian origin. The Contender was designed as a potential successor to the Finn dinghy as a class for Olympic single handed racing. For the last 40 years, the Contender has been the only high performance single-handed dinghy that offers international racing in competitive fleets. Worldwide, about 2,400 boats have been built and sailed in 17 countries.

The Contender has been a recognised International Class by the International Sailing Federation since 1968. It has proven to be suitable for a wide variety of sailors, both male and female. The weight of successful sailors range from 55kg to 95kg (120lbs to 210lbs) and heights from 165cm to 200cm (5ft 4 to 6ft 4). Sailing a Contender requires a good deal of agility and athletic ability. The close racing during championships rewards outstanding boat handling as well as tactical skill. A race in a Contender is a combination of physical and mental challenge, with equal chances for the fittest youngsters and the more experienced sailors. Contender champions’ ages vary from 20 to 50 years. The developments of the boat have enabled the boat to be raced even in rough open sea conditions.

  • Kiel Week 2017 - Sailing Highlights - Day 1

    Episode 1

    The start of the 2017 edition of Kiel Week has kicked off with another great line up of competitors looking forward to 9 days racing on the Kiel Canal. Perfect weather for the opening day of racing as the sun shined and the wind played ball.

    Video Producer: Kieler Woche TV

  • Kiel Week 2017 - Sailing Highlights - Day 2

    Episode 2

    Day Two of Kiel Week - Tough sailing but great entertainment - thats what Kiel is all about.. The International Classes enjoyed varied conditions with battles between the breezes but all racing was completed in time for the sailors to enjoy the onshore entertainment..

    Video Producer: Kieler...

  • Contender World Championship 2017 - Practice Day

    Episode 3

    The 2017 Contender World Championship began with the usual boat measuring and practice race for all of the 110 competitors. Sønderborg Yacht Club is hosting the regatta and everyone seems to be in a relaxed mood prior to the start of official racing tomorrow.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • Contender World Championship 2017 - Day One

    Episode 4

    Day One of the 2017 Contender World Championship hosted by Sønderborg Yacht Club, Denmark. 107 boat start for Race One and the 2016 European Champion, Simon Mussell, started perfectly with picking up the win. But after a capsize in the second he dropped to 8th in Race Two, with reigning World Cha...

  • Contender World Championship 2017 - Day Two

    Episode 5

    Racing was postponed due to lack of wind at the 2017 Contender World Championship hosted by Sønderborg Yacht Club, Denmark. We took the opportunity to interview Mark Bulka, reigning World Champion. for a informative Tech Talk around his boat. 'Girl Power' in the fleet is growing and many of the g...

  • Contender World Championship 2017 - Day Three

    Episode 6

    Stunning day on the water for all the sailors especially Australian, Jason Beebe, who picked up a 2nd and two bullets. This takes him past his fellow countryman and reigning World Champion Mark Bulka who is only one point behind at the half way point of the 2017 Contender World Championships. Aft...

  • Contender World Championship 2017 - Day Four

    Episode 7

    Jason Beebe was continuously looking over his shoulder throughout the fourth day at the Contender Worlds in Sønderborg, Denmark. Keeping a close watch on his fellow Australian, Mark Bulka, he stretched his winning streak with a further two bullets in Race 6 and 7. So the next Contender World Cham...

  • Contender World Championship 2017 - Final Day

    Episode 8

    Race 9 and both Beebe and Bulka had relatively poor results with 22nd and 12th leaving Jason Beebe still on the top podium. The Sønderborg Yacht Club race committee tried valiantly to get a final race 10 started but the winds were in the favour of Jason - abandoned and one very emotional Australi...