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The F50 is a revolutionary new concept in sailboat racing. A showcase of cutting-edge technology developed over the past 10 years.
Powered by a 24-meter wingsail and flying above the water on hydrofoils, the F50 marks a huge step forward. The new upgrades are expected to produce a 15 percent performance gain across most racing conditions compared to the AC50 class of 2017.
The F50 is predicted to exceed 50 knots of boat speed.

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  • SailGP S2 - Restart Button Pressed - Season 2

    Episode 1

    Season 2 of SailGP kicks off in Bermuda with an expanded schedule and eight teams. The expansion and development is gaining pace with the inclusion of female sailors and top names including Ainslie, Burling, Slingsby and Spithill. Who said sailing isn't professional - the new face of the sport h...

  • SailGP S2 - Bermuda - Practice Race & Skippers Briefing

    Episode 2

    As Sir Ben Ainslie puts it "An exceptional line up of talent in this one design racing - it's quite possibly the best we've seen in sailing…" Welcome to Season 2 Bermuda - the practice race and skippers briefing. © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S2 - Bermuda - Day One

    Episode 3

    First racing day of the new season for SailGP - new teams and new boats for many and which team was firing on all cylinders. For some, the engines purred - for others their engines spluttered on the Great Sound in Bermuda. The Australians took the bragging rights after a clean sweep but it won't ...

  • SailGP S2 - Bermuda - Day Two

    Episode 4

    History repeating itself - Slingsby versus Ainslie. The Australian dominant on Day One but the Brit was back to his usual self on Day Two. No wonder Sir Ben is the most decorated sailing medalist at the Olympic Games. The F50's were slicing through the water and even themselves after Japan and Un...

  • SailGP S2 - Italy - Practice Race & Skippers Briefing

    Episode 5

    The Italian Sailing Grand Prix practice day with a number of key sailors away including Ainslie, Burling and Tuke. Big shoes to fill but plenty of top talent brought in including Paul Goodison (GBR), Olympic Gold medalist 2008 and triple International Moth World Champion (back to back). Arnaud Ps...

  • SailGP S2 - Italy - Day One

    Episode 6

    Practice over for the hired guns, Brit, Goodison on Great Britain and Swiss, Psarofaghis, on New Zealand. Time to battle with the veterans.. Light winds and shifty conditions in Taranto Harbour gave everyone a tough time. Race committee allowed onboard teams to be reduced to three sailors instead...

  • SailGP S2 - Italy - Day Two

    Episode 7

    Hired guns or samurai - the skippers of the SailGP are the best in the world and one has remained at the top of the fleet most of the time. Nathan Outteridge wields his sword and heads roll - Japan may not be his home but he has built the team around him. Who is next on his list to be defeated? ©...

  • SailGP S2 - Great Britain - Practice Day

    Episode 8

    Round 3 - Practice for all of the eight teams on the Plymouth Sound. Unfortunately the icon of British sailing is not available so Paul Goodison has stepped in once again to skipper the Great Britain team. He's no slouch with three Olympic Games and triple back to back International Moth Worlds ...

  • SailGP S2 - Great Britain - Day One

    Episode 9

    Eventful opening day on the Plymouth Sound for a number of the teams… First Black Flag, Australian skippers dominate on Team Australia and United States and the home crowd were out in force with high expectations from the stand in skipper Paul Goodison. © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Spor...

  • SailGP S2 - Great Britain - Day Two

    Episode 10

    The three Aussie Amigos were in town and it looked like one of them was going to win the gunfight on the Plymouth Sound. Will Goody get to the final showdown? It's a long shot for the stand in skipper of Great Britain or does he take a bullet for the Boss? © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR S...

  • SailGP S2 - Denmark - Practice Day

    Episode 11

    Round 4 - Practice time for the teams in Denmark and the good news is everyone is back from the Olympics or paternity leave. Yes, the Boss is back and breaking records - but there is a limit, eventually! © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S2 - Denmark - Day One

    Episode 12

    Day One in Aarhus and 'The Boss' nails it - "It's a bit of a rollercoaster ride really". With Phil Robertson and the Spanish Team having a boat shed day it was only seven boats that took to the start. With big local support for the Danish team will they give the crowd something to shout about? © ...

  • SailGP S2 - Denmark - Day Two

    Episode 13

    Day Two and Shakespeare would have had difficulty in writing the script! Take nothing away from the overall winner, but you can understand why Hamlet, Prince of Denmark drank the poison after race and umpire decisions.. © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S2 - France - Practice Day

    Episode 14

    As Plastic Bertrand sang about in their late 70's punk rock song "It's gliding for me!" (Ça plane pour moi). Welcome to the Practice Day in Saint-Tropez and it's rocking in the Med! © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S2 - France - Day One

    Episode 15

    Day One of the French SailGP - it's picture postcard conditions in the Riviera and the sell out crowd are out in force. But there's an outlaw on the loose, 'Clyde' aka Spithill and his partner in crime 'Bonnie' aka CJ are back together and they've planned a heist! © F50 League LLC

    Video Produc...

  • SailGP S2 - France - Day Two

    Episode 16

    Until the 1950's, Saint-Tropez was just a small fishing village - then Bridget Bardoz arrived and it has been the place for the rich, famous and now the top sailors to race. Welcome to the gem of the Med and Day Two with USA Team leading but lighter and fluker winds.. © F50 League LLC

    Video P...

  • SailGP S2 - Spain - Practice Day

    Episode 17

    Plenty going on at SailGP with the official introduction of female athletes onto every team, we say goodbye to Billy Beeson, ex-skipper of France SailGP Team and an add on race with just three teams celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Spanish circumnavigation of the globe. But most important...

  • SailGP S2 - Spain - Day One

    Episode 18

    First official day of racing in Cadiz and the one word that sums it up was "Tricky".. The local Spanish fans were out in force both on and off the water with high expectations of the unofficially adopted countryman, Phil Robertson, got the top podium place - especially after he took the King out ...

  • SailGP S2 - Spain - Day Two

    Episode 19

    What a difference a day makes - welcome to the "Game of Survival"! Even before the start it was carnage for the locals - a true baptism of fire for the female athletes and there was no turning back on their Highway To Hell! © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S2 - Australia - Practice Day

    Episode 20

    The SailGP teams are back 'down under' and out on the Sydney Harbour practicing. Last time it was Sir Ben Ainslie that took the trophy - will it be a repeat for Christmas for the Brit or will the locals get in his way.. © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S2 - Australia - Day One

    Episode 21

    Day One and everyone is ready for the start - 8 teams, the best skippers on the planet and the stunning F50 foilers - what could possibly go wrong? Plenty did for two teams and for one found out what it is meant by 'Thunderstruck'! © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S2 - Australia - Day Two

    Episode 22

    Day Two and the SailGP family have re-organised and adapted after the infamous crash at the start of Race 3. But there's only one team that leaps into the lead and she has a big kangaroo on the side! © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media