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The F50 is a revolutionary new concept in sailboat racing. A showcase of cutting-edge technology developed over the past 10 years.
Powered by a 24-meter wingsail and flying above the water on hydrofoils, the F50 marks a huge step forward. The new upgrades are expected to produce a 15 percent performance gain across most racing conditions compared to the AC50 class of 2017.
The F50 is predicted to exceed 50 knots of boat speed.

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  • SailGP S2 - United States - Gearing Up

    Episode 1

    SailGP has reached San Francisco after nearly a year of racing around the globe for the Grand Final. Jimmy Spithill and Team United States took a few guests out for a wild ride - not that they aren't used to it as both are pro big wave surfers - Kai Lenny and Jimmy O'Brien! © F50 League LLC


  • SailGP S2 - United States - Practice Day

    Episode 2

    Official Practice Day for the F50's on San Francisco Bay - plenty of action off the water too with Great Britain having a paint job (which seemed to make them faster), Australia take the day off and Kiwi footsteps from the Spanish Team with the early departure of Phil Robertson. © F50 League LLC ...

  • SailGP S2 - United States - Day One

    Episode 3

    First day of racing on the Bay with some welcome surprises with the rookie Spanish skipper, Jordi, getting his young team together with some impressive results. Great to see the fleet chopping and changing - bodes well for Season Three. © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S2 - United States - Day Two & Grand Final

    Episode 4

    The SailGP 'magical mystery tour' came to an end for Season Two and everyone had packed into San Francisco. Whales, crashes and a famous quote - it had everything you could imagine for the Grand Final. 'Money comes and goes but glory lasts forever..." © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport ...

  • SailGP S3 - Bermuda - Practice Day

    Episode 5

    Welcome to Bermuda and the start of Season 3 of SailGP - plenty of changes with ups and downs for some of the teams. New kids on the block with Canada and Switzerland, young guns vs seasoned veterans and Japan out for the first three events. © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S3 - Bermuda - Day One

    Episode 6

    It's the first day of racing in Bermuda and the official start of Season 3. Is there love in the air with Phil Robertson joining forces with Canada? But he has to contend with Sir Ben who is looking as if he is firing on all cylinders most of the time but Canada did get their independence from Br...

  • SailGP S3 - Bermuda - Day Two

    Episode 7

    The Aussies were under the radar for Day One and crept quietly into position to pounce on the two unsuspecting prey - Canada and Great Britain. What a difference a day makes! But that's why Tom Slingsby and his Australian crew have won back to back SailGP seasons. © F50 League LLC

    Video Produc...

  • SailGP S3 - Chicago - Practice Day

    Episode 8

    SailGP has landed in Chicago with the stunning backdrop of the city and beautiful Lake Michigan. Currently Australia are leading with Great Britain in second and Canada third. Home water for Team USA, who are lying fifth, so maybe the local support may help Jimmy Spithill climb a place or two.. ©...

  • SailGP S3 - Chicago - Day One

    Episode 9

    Day One of the inaugural Chicago SailGP and it seems that Phil Robertson may have taken his Canadian role a little further than imagined…he has been chopping down the opposition at the USA regatta! © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S3 - Chicago - Day Two

    Episode 10

    We were all set for a battle between Canada and Great Britain with maybe New Zealand involved in the skirmish. But instead, The Jackal, arrived and professionally assassinated the opposition with a little panache and a wry smile on his face! © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S3 - Plymouth - Practice Day

    Episode 11

    It's the third stage of SailGP Season 3 and the teams have moved across from Chicago to Plymouth. Australia are ruling the roost with two back to back wins but Plymouth is home territory for Sir Ben Ainslie with plenty of support and lots to prove. © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S3 - Plymouth - Day One

    Episode 12

    First official racing day in Plymouth - expectations were high for the local lad, Sir Ben Ainslie, to perform in front of the home crowd…Instead Peter Burling found his 'mojo' and the Kiwis put the hammer down with a near perfect performance. © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S3 - Plymouth - Day Two

    Episode 13

    Season 3 showdown in Plymouth for the third stage - six teams were in with a chance to get into the winner takes all final. There was only one victor and the skiff duo, Burling and Tuke, showed the British crowd what the All Blacks can do away from Auckland! Also, as Great Britain is renowned for...

  • SailGP S3 - Copenhagen - Practice Day

    Episode 14

    Good news for some and bad news for others - the start of practice proved eventful in Copenhagen for the next round of SailGP Season 3. Nationality is raised and GBR make a big mistake... © F50 League LLC Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S3 - Copenhagen - Day One & Two

    Episode 15

    Day One and plenty of sitting around and a few fly-bys past the crowd whilst pulled along by the team RIB - no wind! Day Two and the wind was back but also were the Kiwis! © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S3 - Saint-Tropez - Practice Day

    Episode 16

    An emotional farewell from Sir Ben Ainslie and the other sailors from the Commonwealth with the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Saint-Tropez is back welcoming the fleet and is renowned for the rich and famous - enter Formula One and Red Bull Racing drivers. New rules for extended qualifying ra...

  • SailGP S3 - Saint-Tropez - Day One

    Episode 17

    "Unsafe", "Warped View" and "Anger Management" were some of the comments following a fierce battle with New Zealand and Australia. Has Slingsby met his match with Burling who has obviously decided to give 'no quarter' to the Aussie? © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S3 - Saint-Tropez - Day Two

    Episode 18

    All change for the second official racing day in Saint-Tropez - the 'Mistral' has gone and it's very light so low riding is the only option for the nine F50s. Perfect timing for the USA (multinational) Team to win their first event on the 21st anniversary of the tragic 9/11 attacks. © F50 League ...

  • SailGP S3 - Cádiz - Practice Day

    Episode 19

    It's the Spanish turn to host the next stage of the SailGP Season 3 and Cádiz is open for business. © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S3 - Cádiz - Day One

    Episode 20

    It was too close to call for the top six teams so they are sticking together after Day One in Cadiz. The flight controllers were the hero's onboard with big waves throughout the racing. © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • SailGP S3 - Cádiz - Day Two

    Episode 21

    Cádiz showed that it isn't your reputation but the place past the finishing post - refreshing for the fans and there's a whiff of revolution in the air - Liberty, Equality and Fraternity! © F50 League LLC

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media