Hobie 16

Hobie 16

8 Seasons

Introduced as the bigger Hobie 14, the 16 revolutionized the multihull scene when it first appeared in 1971. Forty plus years later, this boat continues to attract great sailors. Powerful enough for the world champion, yet forgiving enough for the novice, the 16 can be characterized as the Laser of the catamaran world. It’s a dual trapeze boat for two or more crew that can be sailed in strong winds.

Hobie 16
  • Hobie 16 Speed Record Attempt!

    Episode 1

    Joe Bennett attempting the speed record for a Hobie 16 in Vassiliki, Greece. Hitting 23.37 knots - looking seriously fun at Wildwind.

    Video Producer: Joseph Bennett

  • Hobie 16 too much wind

    Episode 2

    Gusting 35 knots. Vassiliki at it's best - perhaps too good!

    Video Producer: Joyrider Productions

  • 2016 Hobie MultiEuropeans - Neusiedl See - Day 1

    Episode 3

    Unfortunately there was no racing for the gold fleet on Day 1 of the 2016 Hobie MultiEuropeans. In a temperate 27 degrees celsius the sailors enjoyed volleyball, badminton and a swim but no sailing. VRsport.tv Reporter Ollie Hartas got the chance to speak to the European Hobie Cat Association Pre...

  • 2016 Hobie MultiEuropeans - Neusiedl See - Day 2

    Episode 4

    Day Two saw the racing finally get under way at the 2016 Hobie MultiEuropeans. Despite the light breeze all fleets took on five races to make up for lost time yesterday. However there was no lack of action, the Wild Cats were twin stringing upwind and flying a hull downwind while the Hobie 16 fle...

  • 2016 Hobie MultiEuropeans - Neusiedl See - Day 3

    Episode 5

    The lake has not made it easy for the sailors at the 2016 Hobie MultiEuropeans. The day started with glassy conditions, The Hobie 16 Silver fleet and the Wildcats and Tigers were sent out after a short postponement but race abandonments were standard issue today as the breeze would not settle. Th...

  • 2016 Hobie MultiEuropeans - Neusiedl See - Final Day

    Episode 6

    The 2016 Hobie Multi Europeans have come to anticlimax with the final day bringing glassy and warm conditions, perfect for a lazy day by the lake, not so much for high-octane racing. Despite the obvious yearning to be out on the water, the event closed successfully with a rowdy and joyous prize g...

  • Hobie 16 Fastest Ever!

    Episode 7

    Joe Bennett up to his usual tricks of taking a Hobie to the very edge - 25 gusting 35 knots of wind, Vassiliki Bay, 200kg of man hanging off the side. 25.64 knots. If anyone knows of a faster speed on a Hobie 16 let Joe know.

    Video Producer: Joseph Bennett

  • Wildwind - Hobie Cat Fever

    Episode 8

    VR Sport Media Crew visited one of the iconic destinations in European holiday sailing resorts - Wildwind. Located in Vassiliki, Wildwind has become a mecca for sailing hard in the stunning Mediterranean.

    Video Producer: VR Sport Media

  • Kiel Week 2016 - 19th June - Highlights - Roar of the Cats!

    Episode 9

    Kiel Week 2016 - 19th June - Highlights of the F18 and Hobie 16 catamarans.

    Video Producer: Kiel Yacht Club

  • Kiel Week 2016 - 23rd June - The 49ers speedsters get started

    Episode 10

    Kiel Week 2016 - 23rd June - More Olympic Classes hit the water with a focus on the 49ers both men and women teams and 2.4m individual dinghy. The F18 and Hobie 16 are still battling it out for the overall win too.

    Video Producer: Kiel Yacht Club