18 Foot Skiff

18 Foot Skiff

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The 18 ft Skiff is considered the fastest class of sailing skiffs. The class has a long history beginning with races on Sydney Harbour, Australia in 1892 and later in New Zealand. The boat has changed significantly since the early days, bringing in new technology as it became available. Because of the need of strength, agility and skill, the class is considered to be the top level of small boat sailing. In Australia this boat is called the “Aussie 18” due to its inherent connections to Australia. It is the fastest conventional non-foiling monohull on the yardstick rating, with a score of 675, coming only third after the Tornado and Inter 20 (both multihulls).

The original extreme sport in sailing that has moved with the times and represents one of the ultimate on the water challenges for team and machine! Get closer to the action: The latest and fastest insight into the on-the-water thrills and spills that is 18ft Skiff Racing.

18 Foot Skiff
  • 2016 JJ Giltinan Teaser

    Episode 1

    The JJ's are coming!! The Australian 18 Footers League are hosting the JJ Giltinan World Trophy sailed in the iconic Sydney Harbour - crazy speeds and addictive to watch.

    Video Producer: Hartas Productions/ Australian 18 Footers League

  • Dinghy Show 2016 - UK 18 Foot Skiff

    Episode 2

    Tom Hill, Class Chairman of the UK 18ft Skiff Association talked to VR Sport about the recent trip to Sydney for the iconic JJ's and plans to introduce more sailors to the class with "Try An 18" Day at Grafham. Busy calendar of regattas with a guarantee to turn heads either on Lake Garda or UK. F...

  • 2016 18ft Skiff European Championships - Lake Garda

    Episode 3

    The 18ft Skiff class in Europe is a strong and competitive fleet and get to sail in amazing locations like Torbolé, Lake Garda in Italy. Check out the TomTom Bandit action as Ollie Hartas steps in as mainsheet hand onboard LED Low Energy Designs for the regatta and experience the thrills (and the...

  • Fiji Fizz - Practice Race

    Episode 4

    The 18 footers have probably found the ultimate location to race - Fiji courtesy of Denarau Yacht Club! Blue skies, skiffs and beers - what else do you need? Time for the practice race and shake off the cobwebs for the Mark Foy World Championship 2016. Great drone footage all week too with some k...

  • Fiji Fizz - Day One

    Episode 5

    Live Sail Die bring us more news and extreme footage from the 18 Footers "Fiji Fizz 16" - Day One of the Mark Foy World Championship 2016. Aussie skiff, Thurlow Fisher, has taken the early lead with Yamaha and Smeg lying second and third respectively. Interviews with James Dorron (Thurlow Fisher)...

  • Fiji Fizz - Day Two

    Episode 6

    Live Sail Die bring us more news and extreme footage from the 18 Footers "Fiji Fizz 16" - Day Two of the Mark Foy World Championship 2016. Yahama is leading the fleet after six races with Thurlow Fisher and Smeg chasing for the top podium. Interviews with Stephen Jones and Matty Stevens (Yamaha)....

  • Fiji Fizz - Day Three - The Long One

    Episode 7

    Day Three of the 2016 Mark Foy World Championship aka Fiji Fizz was the Long One or Snakes and Ladders! The fleet of 18 Foot Skiffs took to the water for a very long windward leeward race around Malamala Island. The weather wasn't kind either and dropped to a whisper leaving the boats milling aro...

  • 2016 Maersk Line 18 Foot Skiff ANZAC Champs

    Episode 8

    Sit back and get a cuppa - great wrap up programme of the 2016 Maersk Line 18' Skiff ANZAC Championship hosted by the Auckland Skiff League and Royal Akarana Yacht Club. Just remember "Shut Up & Send It!

    Video Producer: Live Sail Die

  • 12 and 18ft Skiffs Auckland Champs 2015

    Episode 9

    Over two weekends a fortnight apart, the Auckland Champs regatta gathered the top skiff sailors in New Zealand and some of the best of the world in a competition with plenty of action and lots of fizz...

    Video Producer: Live Sail Die

  • 2016 18ft Skiffs National Champs

    Episode 10

    Auckland Sailing Club were the hosts for the 2016 18 Foot Skiff New Zealand Nationals and the sailors were getting some good practice for their trip to Sydney for the JJ's. Yahama was first overall with Aon in a close second and C-Tech joints points with Knight Frank for third and fourth respecti...

  • Fiji Fizz - Final Day

    Episode 11

    The Fiji Fizz Final Day and Stephen Jones, Event Director, explains the format for the fourth day in paradise with three back to back windward leeward races with all to play for. Wind looks good and No2 small rigs are up and the skiffs are flying - literally. Overall winners of the Mark Fow World...

  • 2016 18ft Skiff UK Nationals - Day 1

    Episode 12

    Three bullets for "Perfect Pica" at the start of the UK 18ft Skiff Nationals. Stunning conditions welcomed the nine boat fleet at Paignton on Day One of the 2016 Championships. As a steady 10-12 knot gradient wind established, the English Riviera was on top form with temperatures hitting the mid ...

  • 2016 18ft Skiff UK Nationals - Day 2

    Episode 13

    Cheeky bullet for Rutland Chandlery and Pica continues to dominate overall. The International 18ft UK Skiffs woke to a lighter breeze on Day Two of their Nationals with determination to get at least three races competed before beer o'clock! Stewart Mears, Tristan Hutt and George Hand are in a dom...

  • 2016 18ft Skiff UK Nationals - Final Day

    Episode 14

    "Pica"chu found on the podium of the UK 18ft Skiff Nationals. Everyone is currently searching for Pikachu in the Pokémon Go App - well, she was found on the race course in Paignton this weekend! Illusive for many and fast around the water ensured first place overall for Stewart Mears, George Hand...

  • VRsport.tv Tech Talk - 18ft Skiff - Tom Kiddle

    Episode 15

    VRsport.tv Tech Talk - We speak to Tom Kiddle of GBR 122 at the 2016 UK 18ft Skiff Nationals hosted by Paignton Sailing Club. Tom and his crew have spent two years rebuilding and fitting their boat formerly sailed as Mojo in Sydney. Tom takes us round his green machine and showing his innovative ...

  • Land Rover Sydney to Gold Coast 2016 - Size Doesn't Matter

    Episode 16

    Courtesy of 18 Footers TV team - Bob Killick (Killo) and Warwick Rooklyn guide you through the start of the Land Rover Sydney to Gold Coast 2016 race. Stunning footage of the Super Maxi's Scallywag and Wild Oats dancing around the startline with TP52's being dwarfed by them both. Size doesn't mat...

  • 18 Foot Skiff Euro Grand Prix - Sandbanks Poole - Day One

    Episode 17

    VRsport.tv are in Sandbanks, on the south coast of England, for the 18 Foot Skiff Euro Grand Prix. Idyllic conditions if you like sand between your toes, sunny weather and a growing breeze - champagne conditions! The forecast was unfortunately light, but it filled in as promised, with a little mo...

  • 18 Foot Skiff Euro Grand Prix - Sandbanks Poole - Day Three

    Episode 18

    With all skiffs opting for their No2 smaller rigs as the wind due to increase all day, it was time to 'maintain the rage' and hang on tight for a bumpy ride past Sandbanks. Pica was the boat to watch today, scoring two firsts and a third and was the only boat to complete all 3 races in the challe...

  • 18 Foot Skiff Euro Grand Prix - Sandbanks Poole - Final Day

    Episode 19

    Are You Man Enough? We chose the soundtrack specially for the 18ft Skiff boys - certainly seemed to be up to the job on the final day of the Skiff Euro GP at Sandbanks. More grey skies and a moderate breeze, which was forecasted to decrease all day, which led to a 50/50 split on rig choices. For ...